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I like my women like I like my coffee: ground up and put in the freezer.

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Thanks for the fave on long far gone, it means a lot :pinkiehappy:



I'm glad you enjoy it.


The premise is legit one of the most original HiE Changeling stories I've ever seen. Excellent technical execution, hilarious science mumbo-jumbo rants, and the MC generally being a Spacebattler to a stagnant magitek pony civ is awesome.

i r8 8888/8


Thank you for adding from biochemistry with love to your favorites, may I ask what did you like most about it?


You're welcome man. I myself wanted to write a story about some guy cosplaying as Ermac. However, the MLP franchise would have been a complete non-factor, with not-Ermac righting the wrongs of Westeros in ASOIAF. This works quite well, too.

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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