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I'll probably get round to writing something, maybe, eventually

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hey, can i read Long Far Gone? i kinda need the password

password plz for the story

Reee Long Far Gone has a password! Can i read it pleeaase?

Finally back, and ready to spam your notifications yet again xD ^^

Your welcome, I love your stories.

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  • 227 weeks
    New stuff... I guess.

    I'm unsure of whether the revamped interlude will show up due to it's previous submission back in December, but just a blog post to make you aware of that.

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  • 234 weeks
    Long Far Shorts

    Hello avid readers! It's me, I'm alive, and I'm here with news of a future project. As you all know (or maybe you don't) Long Far Gone is nowhere near finished, and my incessant need to closure doesn't allow me to even consider writing anything else. That being said! Once this (actually just starting) story is finished, I've got a thing that I would like you to consider,

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  • 236 weeks
    Oh my gosh he changed his name!

    Heya folks, as you can see I've changed my name. Well not really, I'm still technically known as Actualphysicalautism, I just shortened it, mainly because it was drifting off the side of the text boxes on my PC, which shouldn't be happening.

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  • 239 weeks
    Where's that dump my dude

    It's complete, but I'm having trouble getting it on the site, I can't link it Because word online is being useless as usual, I would have put it in a google doc but that wasn't working either, so I'm at a disadvantage. There needs to be a way of linking a single word online document to the site without first having to go through my own account. I could just post links to the fact files already provided, but I feel that would be pretty unhelpful. Does anyone have any insight? :trollestia:

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  • 239 weeks
    Random blog of nonsense

    Haha! The more I research, the more faults I find in my earlier chapters. I'll need to be more careful when writing lore based sections in the future. It'll be an easy edit though, so nothing will need to come down.

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