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Group i created solely because i can, all the fics in this group will involve Nigel M Chalmers. Viewer Satisfaction not Guarenteed

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Comment posted by Azehaze deleted Nov 28th, 2022

I personally see Nigel looking like Colonel Radec.

[Nigel has officially become my favorite character in fanfiction]

as i look through the comments i had a appifiny

i will now devote myself to this religion

what is the name of this religion though?

Viewer Satisfaction not Guarenteed

But it is recommended, and if you aren't satisfied, you can always do it again, unless you don't have time for a quickie...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~


Well, sorry for the late reply, don't really pay as much attention here as I should (plus, I don't get notifications when someone posts on the frontpage).

Sorry to disappoint, but he's an OC, a made up character. All of mine are (with the obvious exception of the ones existing in MLP, that is).

Question, who is Nigel M Chalmers? I am just wondering so I know more about this person cause I enjoy the fics involving him, just don't know who he is.

hail theimperium mankind ,chaos,ank-morpork, crystal empire and the blue manor, uip and isa and the true crystal empire not the puppet of the sun tyrant and all hail eviltopia

368533 Nooooo, not another one...

Yeh, I hope they fix that soon, I keep clicking it, forgetting that there aren't any new notifications.


Yeah, it seems to be a bug with the notification system.

368073 For some reason, when you replied to my comment, the notification won't go away, and it's really irritating...

368073 It would be worth it

That would take a loooong time.

Someone needs to make a UIP wiki.

Comment posted by Rutter deleted Jun 12th, 2014
Comment posted by Worgen1607 deleted Apr 25th, 2014

Its funny to see how each person envisions nigel so ill post my two cents.

I envision him and his team wearing armor in similar styling to the helghast of the killzone series.

345663 (carefully sweeps skyrim joke along with the cheese to a volcano)

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