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finished rewriting chapter 2 · 5:43pm Nov 19th, 2023

contination of this.

alright, done!

point out any mistakes and stuff if you notice any, this is actually my first time doing anything like this

original story here.

“Early in the morning!”

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List of favourite changeling fics

The title says it all, this is just a list of my favourite stories that star changelings, you can reply with your own personal favourites. Note, stories with only reformed changelings as well as stories with only Chrysalis are not included.
Hope this helps you find some gold!

Statuses may become inaccurate over time.

Red = Incomplete and inactive, will likely never be completed. A lot of red fics are actually really good, dont ignore them for this!
Orange = Incomplete but not abandoned.
Green = Completed.
Clop = Porn, duh.
Long = Contains 100k+ words.

NOTE: Many of these are sequels/prequels to each other, make sure to read them in order.
I Come From a Land Down Under [LONG]
The Changeling of the Guard [LONG]
Cheesecake and Changelings [LONG]
Nigel M Chalmers, Emperor [LONG]
Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold [LONG]
Ponies, Pirates and Peculiar Pyschopaths [LONG]
Do... me? [CLOP]
An Excercise in Management [LONG]
Halls of the Changeling King [LONG]
The Heralds of the Apocalypse... We think. [LONG]
Changelings in Silver Sunlight [LONG]
Do... you?
A Changeling Named Mute
They're... ON A HOLIDAY? [LONG]
Saviour or Destroyer? [LONG]
"Your Fangs Are Showing"
Changeling in the pool
Respect Existence or Expect Resistance
Plan B [LONG]
The Changelings Open a Love Shop For Food Donations
The Changelings Start a Kickstarter For Their Show
Changelings: Monster, or Misunderstood? [CLOP]
The Incredibly Stressful Life Of a Ponyvillian Changeling
To Ne'er Come Down Again [CLOP]
The King Is Dead, Long Live The Emperor! [LONG]
Fallout: Equestria - The Chrysalis [LONG]
Anyone You Want Me To Be
Trixie And Her Amazing Pet Changeling
The Delicate Art of Changeling-Finding
I'm a Zeppelin
A Bug?...In The Resistance?
Changelings, Love and Lollipops
Buggin' Hiccups
Extra Cheesy
The New Hive
Merry Regiftmas
The Majestic Tale of a Noble Hunter
Don't Bug Me [LONG]
They're home.
Heart Void
The Maskerade
Hello, My Name Is
Citizen Weevil
The Night The Carousel Boutique Burned
All Quiet on the Changeling Front

LAST UPDATED 11/11/2023

the good stuff

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Thanks for the follow!

It currently is marked as incomplete, as I change it when I come up with an idea for a new chapter. Then it goes back to Complete.


why not mark it incomplete?

And, as for the story, it’s … an ongoing project. I’m in the process of writing a new chapter for it rn.


this for favouriting your story i assume?
it was good, but god damn was the plot confusing as hell, felt more like an anthology tbh

Thanks for adding Temporary Hiatus to your favorites. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


aye, no problem, you make good clop 👍

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

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