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Queen Chrysalis has given Princess Celestia and Princess Luna an unwelcome gift for Hearth’s Warming. Thankfully, they can regift it to somepony. Who can regift it to somepony. Who can…

Changeling in a Santa Hat by Pein078 at Derpibooru

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First comment by the author. Just a little fluff and happiness for your holiday enjoyment. Merry Christmas to all, and may you all find a changeling in your stocking this year.

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Changelings, Love and Lollipops (with Pinkie Pie)

Face it. You guys expected this chapter, didn't you?

That was fun. Merry Christmas, Georg!

and then they boned super hard!

That was sweet and delicious and... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute. Am I a changeling? *Goes take a look.* Nope! Love still tastes like bitter dull styrofoam! Thanks for writing!

“Ahh,” said the box. “Apple pie love. Some of the best stuff.”


Great little story. So darn cute!

Saw the ending coming, but that didn't make the journey any less enjoyable. Especially Pinkie's three forms of identification. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

Expect? No. But I'm not exactly surprised.


To be honest... not quite!

I had expected something near the end as you began describing the guard's Hearthwarming situation (could relate as I have had a similar experience one year).

Nice little fluff piece with a sufficient amount of cute and just a little hint of sass to make it right.

Happy Hearth's Warming to you as well Georg!

D'aww <3. Even evil sociopaths get a happy Hearthswarming!

Well that's one way to get a little love.

Huh, Georg has done it again. :moustache:

Well, I was very much shipping them by the end of the first chapter, so this worked out quite well.

“No, I don’t want a relationship with a changeling,” snapped Twilight before casting a determined look at the guard, who started to immediately backpeddle.

I think you mean backpedal, unless he's soliciting the return of previously sold goods. :twilightsheepish:

Two more days! Can anyone top this?


And here I thought the guard was gonna end up taking the changeling home.


Nope! Love still tastes like bitter dull styrofoam!

There is your problem! You have been eating the packaging.

8627083 I dunno, some of that packaging is edible, particularly the.. um... (checks rating) Never mind.
8627080 Whistles...
8627004 I love how Gdocs has so many words that even misspelled ones are spelled right.
8626942 No I didn't! I have witnesses!
8626737 8626727 Glad to hear it you two.

I was expecting somepony (maybe Chrysalis) to remark about the number of crossed out names on the label, but then, not everypony did the whole cross-out-and-write-over thing!

^and that's all I have to say, about that

*Checks rating. Yeah, ok. I can reasonably say, "And then, they banged!"

Actually, no, no I did not! Just got back from work and yay for guard pony!

What is it with you and stories about changelings being given as presents?

8627273 Only one, Seven Brides for Seven Changelings, (which I need to tag in the entry comment)

I know, but for such an oddly specific premise reusing it at all outside of a sequel seems noteworthy.

8627328 Well, if you want one, all you have to do is ask. I've got a couple hundred tunneled in under the house here, and FedEx will let me pack 'em two to a box. Just make sure to get them unpacked when you get them, or it gets messy a few days later.

Yeah, that was cute.

Clearly, you got it confused with rice paper, which IS edible.

Loved the ending. Thanks for the silly.

That's silly. And fun! :pinkiehappy:

:trixieshiftright: "I found a changeling and I'm going to keep her and pet her and love her and call her Georg!"


So, do I get the story correctly and the only one who gave the changeling love was the guard, or did I misunderstood it?

My reading is that they ALL gave the Changleling love right up until they OPENED the box (although Rarity MIGHT have contributed a bit as she doll-dressed the Changling).

This is nice. I like this kind of fluff every once in a while. :twilightsmile:

Happy Hearth's Re-Warming to everyone! :raritywink:

But yeah, this was fun, sweet fluff, and a joy to read.

How silly and cute. I most certainly approve.


Okay, that is much nicer interpretation than the one of mine.

Why do I never cease to enjoy your stuff Georg?

8629436 Probably because I enjoy writing it. That may be the key to good writing.
8629240 No, Hearth's Re-warming starts tomorrow when we celebrate Merry Leftovermas.
8628733 and what young fashionista would turn down the opportunity to dress up a regifted present?
8628454 Oh, he gives her love in the end. Oh, wait. I should rephrase that. Ratings and all.

Nice story there, Georg. :heart: Cute and silly, and a nice little light-hearted bit of holiday wackiness. Kinda nice that the much-beleaguered guard got something nice for all his troubles (he might have to look up Regift-chan the Changeling in the post-Chrysalis era if she's this nice pre-reformation).

Happy Hearth's Warming! 🎄

regarded an eclair that had somehow been added to his plate too. It was a nice touch, because Celestia always seemed to sweep up any loose ones in Canterlot.

I sense a Pencil'd in reference here.

“My own changeling?” Twilight looked into the box with a smile that turned rapidly into a terrified frown. “Oh, no! My parents are coming over today for Hearth’s Warming!”

“I’m sure they’re very loving ponies,” said the changeling. “I’d love to meet them.”

“Your mom will freak,” said Spike. “Want me to go over to Rarity’s and get her started on a wedding dress?”

“No!” Twilight turned her disapproval on the little dragon. “Mom’s not that obsessed about finding me a coltfriend. Really!”

“I’m a mare,” said the changeling, peeking over the side of the box. “But I’m open to that kind of relationship, provided there’s love in it.”

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

“It’s nice,” said Fluttershy. “I think. She could help me with my creature friends. Wouldn’t you like that?”

The changeling sneezed instead of responding right away, then sneezed again. “Sorry, pet fur allergy,” she managed to get out before sneezing three more times in quick succession.

“Oh, my!” Fluttershy dropped the lid back on the box, which slowed the number of sneezes coming from inside. “I better send you to one of my friends who doesn’t have a furry pet, then.”

Well, Fluttershy appears to be the only one that would've taken the changeling in. Funny, even if it isn't surprising. :rainbowlaugh:

“Yippee!” Pinkie Pie somehow managed to put a plate with a frosted cupcake in front of the guard, rip the top off the box, and bounce around the room at the same time. “My own changeling! Just what I was needing for the party!”

The changeling barely managed to get her powdered and groomed nose out of the box before Pinkie Pie put the top back on and began pushing it toward the back room. “Come on! The party just started, and we need you!”

The guard waited for a moment with the cupcake in front of his nose. He took a careful bite, chewed slowly, and swallowed, but there was no immediate return of the box and its unwelcome contents. Giving out a contented sigh, he leaned back in the chair and regarded an eclair that had somehow been added to his plate too. It was a nice touch, because Celestia always seemed to sweep up any loose ones in Canterlot.

While he ate, the guard listened to the small, happy voices from the other room and relaxed. It was a nice reminder that someday, maybe, he would settle down, marry, and have foals. Well, contribute to having and raising foals. His bachelor life now was untouched by feminine companionship, and Hearth’s Warming was a cold time alone. Still, he was looking forward to the flight back to Canterlot and getting off work, or at least until Pinkie Pie came scurrying back into the room, looking a little frazzled and odd, even for her.

“Hey, Mister Guard. I need to send the changeling back to where she came from, to Queen Chrysalis. Can I get you to fly her there, right now?”

“Now?” The guard measured the look of pure panic in Pinkie’s eyes. “Sure.”

“Great, I owe you one. Let me go get her.” There was a pink blur and Pinkie zipped back into the party room, with only a few seconds until the box came back into the dining room, propelled by four dark legs sticking out of the bottom.

“And hurry,” hissed a voice from inside the box.

Heaving a sigh, the guard scooped up the box and flew out the door, resigned to a long trip out to the Badlands. It was not all that bad, since he did not have anything scheduled this evening anyway. Besides, this put him into overtime hours, and the flight was better than spending Hearth’s Warming sitting around his cold bachelor apartment, staring at the walls.

Behind him, Pinkie Pie poked her head into the dining room and looked around for the missing guard. “Hey! Where did you go? I can’t find the changeling and it’s time for the pinata. Hello? Don’t you two want any candy?”

I'm probably making a terrible mistake by trying to understand Pinkie Pie, but, what happened here? One moment Pinkie appears to be willing to take the changeling in, the next she wants the guard to take her back? In the very next moment she doesn't appear to remember sending the changeling back. Since the changeling appears to finish her sentence from earlier, saying "and hurry" does that mean that the changeling used a mind control spell or something? Or should I give up understanding Pinkie Pie?

Really good story though! Certainly earned this favorite.

8630050 "...One moment Pinkie appears to be willing to take the changeling in, the next she wants the guard to take her back?..."

Spoiler: The real Pinkie Pie only came into the room twice, not three times.

Oh, I think I get it now. Of course, its a changeling, how did I not see that? Thank you for replying, and so quick too! :twilightsmile:

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