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Well, this looks promising. Always loved a good Changeling story.
Will be interested to see where this goes.
A moustache for you sir. :moustache:

Thanks, its my first time writing so i hope it goes well. I will try to update often and im aiming for at least a 1000 word chapter a week.

Changeling Fics are hard to do, but this one looks like it is being handled well.

You had my curiosity. Now you have my interest, please, do continue. :derpytongue2:

Please let it be Changelings and Humans vs Equestria, I always like it when the ponies are the villains

Don't worry, i'v always had a bit of a soft spot for changlings, but, without giving too much away, the main human department that intervines will be a Military intelligence department, so possible less all out warfare and more infiltration, sabotage and assasination (Can you spot the hint?) as well as under-handed diplomatic dealings and a good ol' dose of fear-based terror tactics. Add to the mix that the main human character is not all there...

Great start, but that story pic (the one of the human skull with the third eye) made me almost not read it. I judge books by there cover. And this cover (picture) has absolutely nothing to do with the story, so far at least unless the humans have 3 eyes.

Well, in the first chapter it discribes the icon on the device as a "Skull with a third eye imprinted on the forehead", so there is your relation there. The main reason that that is my cover art is that it is the symbol for the main human party involved in the story and, mostly, to be honest, i chose it because im a rubbish artist and i didn't want to use an image ripped directly from the internet.

Interesting. Keep up the good work!

I really like this fic, good job so far

Thanks, you would not believe how much of a job it has been to output these measly 5000 words, i look at some of those fics with 100K plus and my brain just punches the card and goes home.

First contact seems to be going we- And it's over.

Falling face first is seen as one of the most difficult skills to master when it comes to first contact situations. The angle of the fall must be perfect, otherwise you end up looking like a complete and utter boob.

3530736 By the looks of things, I'm sure he looks at least somewhat proficient in such areas.



Your comment... it scares me.


3530970 Tasty and an efficient lubricant, is there anything that peanut butter can't do?

Oh God, this is magnificent!!


"Well fuck it. Let's go home guys." XD

Nice story so far. Looking forward to more :pinkiehappy:

Humans be trollin already.

Can i just ask people, just out of curiosity, what are your views on Commander Chalmers character? Do you believe him to be a well-balanced individual possibly just suffering from stress, or do you believe him to be a bipolar unstable madman or anything inbetween. Just asking this as i would like to get an idea of reader's perceptions of this character.


I do like him, mainly because at one moment he is very malicious, and the next he's turning into some sort of Disney-like character. Can't wait for some bloodshed :pinkiecrazy:

I can't believe the moment I finished with the last chapter, this one updated.

Thanks, i really enjoy writing him, one moment he's a hard-arsed seasoned commander, the next he's an imature arsehole plotting terrible things for his suborinates. in the next chapter i plan to document the heroic journey of Corporal Stevens and his epic quest to retrive apples for the diabloical Dr. Thrax's love synthasization.

3539390 Nigel is the best fucking commander of all time. Reminds me of an old RP char of mine. Brilliant hardass, and immature joker with a habit of sending warriors to do seemingly impossible and insane tasks just for the sake of humor. Keep writing, or I'll have you executed.

Better watch your tone boy, or i'll have Stevens assault your heritical cereal factory armed with nothing more than a blunt plastic spoon and a polystyrene shield with a picture of Justein Bieber's face painted on it.

You think your tough, do ya? well, prepare to get your arse handed to you on a silver platter.
'Turns back to KHORNE FLAKES, sack of doornobs in one hand and powerchair in the other'

"Bring it on you pansy pretty marine faggot!"


The man with the largest hat gets all the swag, doublely so when he has pulled it from the cold, dead hands of his enemies.

3540310 As an officer of the 1st Rddt brigade once said during a match: "You will march into certain death because my hat is bigger than yours!"

Lol... I love this! Pure badassery so far from the humans. Can't wait for the innocent little ponies to find those mutilated bodies....

Please, more!

Damn I would've hugged him, been like "that's your warning! So yeah uhm, don't waste imperial time or something."

Until his commander finds out about his nickname and sends said person to clean the fusion generator with nothing but a toga and a toothbrush while it's running.


Thats only if Stevens is stupid enough to call him that out loud. But if he did...
well, the commander is not the most stable of individuals...

Wow, even the changeling scared of the human. I wonder how Discord react? Scared or excited?

Yeah, Nigel is one insane, creepy bastard , and he hasn't even fought anything yet, next chapter issure to be a 'Blast', "*hint* *hint* *nugde* *nudge* saynomore saynomore"

Interesting that you still didn't do anything aspect human/scientist vs magic :P


Its coming up, you have to remember that the humans have only been present in the hive for two days, and the Changelings are too busy advoiding invoking their wrath to really question that point. Also, none of the Changelings have used magic in their presence, so the humans do not even know that they have it, with the Commander assuming that the horns are a natural weapon only.

And who's to say that the UIP haven't encountered magic before?

So... that 'Mobius-pattern Fusion Gun',
Does it happen to vent plasma from a micro fusion reactor at the enemy?
Probably at a temperature of 100 million degrees or more? :pinkiecrazy:


well, it was originally designed for navel boarding parties for the purpose of destroying armoured blast doors and bulkheads, so on an organic target...

He yelled it, in the barn, while the helmet was recording like, everything. :unsuresweetie:

Goddamn, whenever I need a laugh, you deliver, man. Like Dominoes. Mmmm... Dominoes.

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