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This story is a sequel to Ponies, Pirates and Peculiar Psychopaths

Chrysalis has been driven out of Canterlot, her invasion defeated. However, an old friend from her time before becoming queen is more than happy to help her succeed with her plans.

Will these two achieve their goals, conquering pony-kind and ruling over them with iron fist and hoof? Or will they be stopped in time, preserving the peace that Equestrian has known for as long as can be remembered? There is more than just dreams of world domination at work, though, this is personal for Chrysalis and her rediscovered assistance.

Hopefully, the line that 'Evil never triumphs' will prove to be correct, or else a drastic change is going to descend upon not just Equestria, but the entire world.

Thanks to Avatar of Madness for the coverart.

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:moustache: it's here!!!! So much yes

I only managed to find this one on this massive chapter

“You’re a terrible lair.”


Soo many updates, and I'm saving the best for last. So I haven't read the last two chapters of your previous story yet... I'll get to this soon.

Yeah!~ Sequel!
Honestly, I really like the speed at which you've given us a great gift. More chapters are always a welcome currency in this realm of Fan Fiction.

Are you serious? Sequel already?


yes i'm happy :D

That lunar squad is soooo fucked....

Nod now I've read it all! I hope Nigel builds a MOAB and throws it at the sun bitch.
I also hope that he somehow turns the elements on Celestia, I mean Nigel's basic goal was to remove slavery from the planet. Granted, he's way of doing it could've used some work when it came to getting the favor of the natives, but still a very positive goal. Certainly it did not warrent being locked up for 1000 years. And I'm sure some of the elements bearers would agree.

sequel? already?!?

Let's see, obligatory "x has been doubled" comment by luna, Nigel has enough porn stored on a Military computer to last a few centuries, and finally, I had a thought while reading about the manipulation part, saying Nigel sways all to his cause. Sombra is going to be showing up soon. Will they team up with him? Though, that would make this very similar to your revenge fic, only Sombra and Chalmers may be allies in this one. THE HYPE CANNOT BE CONTAINED!

“It turns out that, for some reason, there was… ahem, a large porn folder and…”

:rainbowlaugh: HAHAHAHA
O dear...*sniff* hehehehe.

Thank you. Thank you for your comedic brilliance.
Chalmers truly has no equal.
I eagerly await for more. :twilightsmile:




~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Wow, I was totally not expecting a sequel this soon. I am very okay with this.

>Nigel team up with Sombra
I don't think Sombra was so lucky with surviving insanity as Nigel. Maybe because he didn't have a massive porn stash.


Thanks for that.


I wouldn't be so sure. If they stick to their mission and stay out of sight, then nothing can go wrong...



His method for eliminating slavery was questionable, yes. Still, who said anything about the fic being set in Equestria for the most part?
Maybe Nigel and Chrysalis will go on a little trip to the west to see if they can find any help...


Also, there is the whole 'slaver' thing. That sort of tends to be a hot-button for most of the UIP characters.

“It turns out that, for some reason, there was… ahem, a large porn folder and…”


You motherfucker, you used my idea. Even after you told it wouldn't make sense.


Your idea?

I was the one who mentioned the doctorate and the porn stash, you just laughed your head off in the skype chat.


Oh, don't you fucking lie.

I was the one that came up with the porn stash. You said it wouldn't work because then he'd be stuck with a stiffie and wouldn't be able to rub it out.


I will never type that out again.


Really? Can you prove it? Do you even remember when you mentioned this 'idea'? What was the exact wording of this 'idea'?



Drop: Blahblah blah describing Chalmers being stuck in suit and coming out with several doctorates and degrees.\

Me: What if he also ended up looking at porn for a hundred years. *cracks into nevrous laughter because of stupid idea*

I think Dropbear is having a bad effect on me, why? Because I don't think the first reaction upon seeing he posted a sequel to PP&PP should be grinning like a maniac, drooling like a gnoll, and whispering "yesssss" to yourself like cobra commander.

5427845 True, but I it's possible he(Sombra) didn't get to that point in this 'verse. I think the worst he was doing was oppressing the muds. Though they both suck, oppression and slavery are two different things.

Fave fave fave fave fave fave fave fave fave fave fave fave fave fave fave fave fave :yay:

... Loves it.

Bites my friend u have no idea as to what is ahead.
The only weapon that can beat this god is adorableness.
Since now we have sequel how about more Insane Bloopers!:pinkiecrazy:

To be honest, I was expecting more tears with that reunion. At least from Chrysalis.


I don't see her as much of a crier. Remember, she has changed an awful lot over time.

5429437 Yeah, I suppose. Not to mention she's over a thousand years old.


Under, actually. Pretty sure I stated that it was about 860 years.

I got pretty sick of the whole '1000 years' thing.

Edit: Actually, that number was in the prequel.

5428144 I don't know who said anything about it being in Equestria.

Faved & Liked before even read.

Didn't dissappoint!

You Rock!

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH! I'm so excited! Our glorious overlord Nigel is back! And back with his sweet changeling! NOW ITS TIME FOR INSANITY! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

this is awesome keep up the good work

5426987 Your sort are all the same, you know.

So primitive.

Yes, I'm going to kill this one.

He seems to think he's a genius simply because he had information beamed into his brain.

A genius being a walking encyclopedia is not.

Arrogance of this level shall not be tolerated by I, Supreme Executioner of the Savant Squad.

And then I shall take over the world... because I am human and a REAL genius, and therefore automatically more powerful than anyone else.

Well, that's essentially the rationale here, ain't it? :trollestia:


Well, that's essentially the rationale here, ain't it?

I'd be a lair if I said that his intelligence and humbleness are his most becoming qualities.

5431409 Your sort are all the same, you know.
Creating OC's and writing bad fanfic about ponified timelords.

So primitive.

5431563 You know, I think you attempted a clever insult, but managed to fail rather horribly.

5431617 I'm dedicating neurons to insulting based on your worth.
Neither is a lot.

5431660 So both of your neurons are engaged, eh?

5431680 No, some of us have a few more than 2 neurons. But I don't fault you for thinking your own brain cell count is the norm.

5431731 Don't worry about him man. Let's just rock out to these smooth beats:

I suggest listening to this while you read. Adds a certain atmosphere.

Was wondering if you were going to be adding more tags later on.

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