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Nightblade Bloodmoon:

Half-alicorn, half-zebra, half-changeling. One-hundred percent awesome and irresistible.

Nigel M Chalmers:

Does not want anything to do with her.

Follow Nigel on his quest as he attempts to shake off Nightblade, while also navigating around a foreign world.

Join Nightblade as she attempts to woo him, aided by her mysterious powers of infallibility.

Wonder just how Twilight Sparkle will deal with not one, but two unknown creatures as they cause unintentional havoc upon a peaceful Equestria.

Laugh on as I sink to a brand new low as an author.

What more could you want?

(Twilight appears in the second chapter, as I saw the word count and just had to keep it.)

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This girl is the ultimate pony clusterfuck. But that's not necessarily a bad thing...

More Nigel... I am so happy right now :pinkiehappy:

Meh, she's not really complete without 10% Tatzlwurm in the mix.

Wow, guess Nigel is in for some trying days. :rainbowlaugh:

Woo, I'm on time for this party!

Y'know, only one chapter and I think this might be my favorite one.

6666 words, thats good start xD

Half-alicorn, half-zebra, half-changeling


...BWHAHAHA! I don't know whether to pity Nigel or pity the world of this madness!

Congrats. It's been a very long time since someone did anything good with a black and red alicorn oc.

Half-alicorn, half-zebra, half-changeling. One-hundred percent awesome and irresistible.

Oh dear... Invasion of the Mary Sues.

I just thought of an alternate title...

Nigel M. Chalmers Vs. the Bad OC.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Half-alicorn, half-zebra, half-changeling.

50% more awesome.

It's as if Zecora, Luna, Rainbow Dash, and Chrysalis had a baby.

Dropbear, I swear to Profit, the Technocyte Virus, the Void and any other god, if you let this story become another "Predator turned Prey" I will rip you open and have a Kubrow make a nest out of you. Do NOT put this on hiatus!

-Alad V, Prophet of the Mutalist Empire

Half-alicorn, half-zebra, half-changling

... One half is fifty percent, and a whole is one hundred percent. That is, in fact, three halves.
I believe that you can do the math easily enough to figure out the problem with this is.

Yeah. It means Nightblade Bloodmoon is 150%. That's 50% better than 100%.

if i was were he was i would just shoot my self in the face because there's no escaping that thing o-o

Either that or there was a rouge animal collector with serious mental issues.

I do believe 'rouge' should be 'rogue' in this context. Unless the animal collector in question is red? :rainbowhuh:

As for the story itself, pure hilarity! Nigel and Nightblade form a most... interesting couple.
I look forward to the next installment! :pinkiehappy:

5932268 5932367 Not if you use calculus! Why? Because the derivative of that is 0, which you can integrate to get C. And C is, of course, arbitrary.

150% is also an arbitrary number in mathematics.
∴ Your mathematical expression is invalid. :pinkiecrazy:

Kind of reminds me of Assassination Classroom, except Korosensei isn't annoying. I'm enjoying it so far, so i'll favorite. :pinkiesmile:

I'm confused and intrigued. Continue.


the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.

Damn, that one always, always gets me.

An abomination.

5932627 The gun wouldn't work, or the OC would find a way to rez him, because he's a love interest.

5931556 Your avatar is perfect for this fic.

Damn, that is some potent protagonist armor she's got there. Someone contact the SCP, we've got a Keter-class anomaly running amuck.

Half-alicorn, half-zebra, half-changeling. One-hundred percent awesome and irresistible.

reminds me or Irwin in the grim adventures of billy and mandy who said he was "half-human, half-vampire, and half-mummy"
5931956 plus she has a black coat (well black and some red stripes) and red mane

...Just noticed something. Chapter 1 is 6,666 words. Story total is 6,667 words.

Where did the extra word come from!?

Oh My God

Another story with Nigel in it?
Insta fave, like, and track. Can't wait for the next chapter.

5933236 (//eyeroll)
Containing or using satire
(Of a person or their behavior) sarcastic, critical, and/or mocking of another's words or behavior.
synonyms sarcastic, ironic, mocking, sardonic, disparaging
"it does not seem he knew I was being satirical"

so if the picture is anything to go by, she's a black coated, red striped, bat winged, alicorn zonyling..........my head hurts thinking of it.

Then again, if said 'obvious mary sue' is there to advance the plot in a way that puts them as the butt of every joke, then yeah, it might work. Course, if she realizes she's not infallible, well, that might be for the best.

5931740 5932005 5931956
I don't even want to know what the family tree is like. :derpyderp2:

Honestly, if I was Nigel in this story, I'dve just killed myself by now. No if ands, or buts about it. Nightblade Bloodmoon is annoying as sin, and it's only the first chapter in.

5931492 That's the secret twist you don't find out till later to add tension and character development because Nigel M Chalmers is deathly allergic to Tatzlwurm's.

It's been one chapter and I already want to strangle her. This is going to be hell for Nigel, and hilarious for me :trollestia:

oh my god dropbear made another story...:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:


Hahah! The nuances of the English language can oft be difficult to work with.
Could be worse though, rouge and rogue are close enough that it's easily explained by extenuating circumstance.

At least you don't typo 'all' with 'ass' and vice versa.
Yes. I've done that.

Half-alicorn, half-zebra, half-changeling


Your math is flawed. :ajbemused:

I don't think my body is ready for this.

Oh well!

5932151 Please leave Best Princess out of this
You can have Cadence though, I bet she'd love the attention

Hey, at least she's not 100% immune to damage
Although you'd probably have to lock her in some kind of container, like maybe a TARDIS, then lock that in a container designed to hold TARDIS' like the Pandorica. Then you'd drop that into the heart of a sun, punt it into a black hole, destroy the galaxy, reset the universe to kill her and scream in horror as she is reincarnated as your wife anyway

This should be interesting

Half-alicorn, half-zebra, half-changeling.

This terrified me until I realized it was satirical

First chapter has 6,666 words and the story it self has 6,667 words... Wtf.

Math police is best police :rainbowwild:
But yeah, I agree.

She would be a triple of all...
Else she would be 150%, which is in this case not possible. Ah, who cares?
Yay, another one threw several species into one! I am not the only!

Get the nukes...

We stand no chance...

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