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Nigel M Chalmers everywhere! :pinkiehappy:

...You've been playing AC Black Flag, haven't you?

XD XD XD That is all.

Next thing we know, Nigel will be one of the creators of the realm of Equestria.

Win. Just all the win....

Extreme lolage occurred... This has the makings of a great epic....

Aint no win like a Nigel M. Chalmers win

By the power invested in me I declare this a victory for the UIP.

And when will the changelings be joining his crew? I must know.

Another Nigel fic another insta fav. :moustache:

When in doubt teleport into your enemies.

I hope the Human is the only one that becomes "that silleh fuckin' troll" throughout this glorious story; while the ponies are serious and realistic.

Oppenheimer: What did you do with my suit after getting wasted?
Nigel: Go inside a pirate unicorn mare, like a boss.

Every story you touch turns to gold stars.

3738102 Lord Creator Nigel M Chalmers! !!


“Huh,” Nigel began, “Guess she couldn’t handle me, I’ve got a fragmented opinion on that.”


Telefragging....God damnit i hate telefragging

Ohh, prisoners? They'll make a fine addition to the crew.

Amazing as always my good sir. Continue for the glory of the UIP.

Go go gadget. Its been to long XD

Chalmer, You are awesome:rainbowkiss:

This is hilarious. You are one of the top writers on FIMFiction, in terms of comedy.

God this is awsome; I have seen way too many Pro-Ponies, time for some serious technological kicking.

Good Job Captain Kenwayyyy-I mean Chalmers

I wonder whats in the lower deck? And how is "Sea Biscuit" the "Unicorn" doing so far?


It took me 6 hours to finally see it. I was re-reading it and I was like, "funny,funny,funn- WAIT A SECOND, my love bug detector is going off the charts.....Initiate happy dance"


I won’t be griffon any fucks

All I have to say to that is flabbergasted.

Heil Chalmers!

Pony ships from all three races, Zebra freighters, Griffon and Diamond Dog slave tr...

:pinkiegasp: Nigel 'aint gona be very happy!

“-the unicorn mare who was the captain that ruptured when I entered her?”

....heh...hehe........hehhehehahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahah! :rainbowlaugh:

If there are slave's all hell is gonna break loose on the Griffins.:eeyup:

“Uh, Captain I already have a name and I’m not a ‘Wizard pony’ I’m a ch-unicorn”

It's always changelings with Nigel, isn't it? It's like they just gravitate to him.

I have a feeling that if he didn't go to their planet, they would come to him. Through some kind of cheese-based wormhole or something.


Yeah, I have a soft spot for them. Which is pretty obvious from my other fics. I guess I just think that they aren't really that evil, after all they only attacked to feed themselves. Plus they seem more... human like in mannerisums to humans (in fanon at least, canon they don't get much spotlight) and who wouldn't like a little black bug-pony that feeds off positive emotion.

Also next chapter for this will be ready in about four hours if you're interested.

This Chapter is a lot of filler, sorry the story doesn't really move along that fast but lots of things are explained. Next chapter shall how more action but this stuff needed to be covered fairly early on. To those who question Nigel's newfound ability feel free to ask in the comments but i have stated that this fic is a bit more 'out-there' when it comes to science. Sweet, explody science.

Comment posted by skybest_92 deleted Jan 14th, 2014

Quick question, just where in the timeline are we?

Ohh, do you think Chalmer goona meet the princess? or the princess before they become princess?


It was in the summery but a few years after the three tribes uniting. Big c and l have not yet made an entrance. I was debating a AU tag but since the time period is not explored in cano i thought i could skip it. Pretty much the three tribes have broken down a little, unicorns rule the earth pones and are butting heads with the pegasi. All of the other nations have all met and trade, fight ect and of course in come nigel to screw the already tense world. He is set on world domination so expect craziness. Well, more than usual.

Wow, can't even tell which of Nigel's misadventures I want to see updated mainly...:facehoof:
Even so, it'll be awesome if any of the the ports/cities he gets ahold of becomes a haven for any slaves he comes across...thinking of AC4 here. They would have plenty of reason to get back at those who inslaved them, and with any upgrades of Nigel's they'll be sure to get it.

Heil Nigel!
I mean, go Nigel!

Capturing a sea port. Big black tower. Nigel, I want to shake your hand, albeit from a really long distance with a stick. Just in case XD Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work!


Sea Biscuit: fumbling with her species name and a green blush instead of a red blush.......


He can synthesize essentially infinite items you say? Time to cast off these wooden training wheels and construct a floating deathstar. I bet it will have submarine capabilities...

So this is before Discord was imprisoned?
I can see it now: Nigel M. Chalmers, Lord of the Sea and Monopolizer of Badassery vs Discord, Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony.


Actually i'm not too sure. Was Discord even around then? It's never really been touched but I have to admit having Nigel somehow create Discord would be hilarious

3788427 .
Not infinite, that would take a lot of power and materials. As soon as they make a base however...

Ok indefinite situation pending.
I say this base be the equivalent of tortuga when done! Some island off the mainland of the gryphon kingdom.

I expect his tower to have a big glowing eye on top of it.

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