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Are you a Rebel?


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So much epicness at once!!!!

All i have to say about this!

....*Looking at other comments* ....You need to work on your spelling and grammar......and your follow-through.

This is probably the most epic thing i read this month! Continue my good sir!!

Hell yes, 2 epic stories from you at once. Nothing like bringing good old human brutality to the innocent world of the ponies. Can't wait to see how Candace, Shining Armour and the mane six are going to react.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCKING AWESOME:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Nigel M Chalmers for the WIN!!!

God damn I love you.... Most bad ass story on this site...


next chapter is due out in about five or so hours, im really enjoying writing this one.

Plus i made the popular stories box, Yay!

Is it wrong that I want a pony rug now?

I must say that I enjoy this fic more than "Saviour or Destroyer?" :heart:


I think that i'v managed to nail down Nigel's character, plus i believe that my overall writing skills have improved. Also the idea gives me alot more freedom in what he can do. Imagine if Nigel got elected as the leader of your country, it'd all go to pot, you'd be at war with everyone and statues of your glorious leader would adorn every street corner.

3587021 Well, keep up the good work! Lets see if he can't humiliate S Armor and get away with it :rainbowlaugh:

3587021 I would vote for him again and again!!!

3586708 You've really unleashed something special with Nigel. I hope you create a whole mess of stories that involve Nigel and various Equestrian situations. Maybe you can call it, the Nigelverse.

3587021 Nigel Chalmers for new world Emperor.

its mouth filled with rows of teeth

I know he has some kind of augmentations or at least that's how i understood it, do these augmentations by chance include a sharks set of teeth?

I heard Nigel and my British instincts told me to read this.

-Lightning… Gov'ner

3587021 I, for one, would gladly accept this new overlord:moustache:

Sombra used to walk over the little people and now the little people walk all over him!

Sorry about the slow paced chapter, i had to get a fair amount of plot out of the way, i promise i'll make Nigel kill something again soon.

, he was still a member of the ISA and duty always comes first.

Wait, what?.... I'm mildly upset at the use of the acronym for my name...However, IkioStar still stands at the pinnacle of solitude, just the way I like it. Meh, I realized that that nom de plume would have been stolen eventually. ISA, a very simple and strong name.


ISA stands for Infilltration, sabotauge amd assasination, its the department Nigel works for in my other fic

3590896 Ah, yes. For you...ISA was a nom de plume I created a while ago. Meh. It wasn't very popular or normal when I first started using it.

I am really enjoying this though the whole assassin thing is slightly silly I love the story all the same. I am waiting for when Cadence and shinning armour to meet with the new emperor


Not really, he is a black ops commando, just... different.

Plus, he stopped a projectile with a wheel of cheese, made a monty python reference and turned Sombra into a rug, and you think that the fact that he is a profestional killer is the silly thing?

I hope he deals with the changelings in a positive manner. Besides with all that happiness and love in the kingdom, the crystal ponies and changelings could easily live together :pinkiehappy:
It would also piss of a certain couple :rainbowlaugh:

you'll have to see...

Welp,This is gold

3591348 Also,Personally i prefer a nice,aged cheddar


Got to admit, i do love me some camembert.

(fun fact, that wheel of cheese that Sombra killed? It is the fourth most expensive cheese in the world, costing about 70 British pounds a ... pound.

3591356 Not only delicious,But able to stop a magic propelled crystal spear thingy,So it might be worth it

3591145 Hey what can i say I am a sap for cheese. Also yeah I got the Monty python references but the reason his assassin thing was silly was just how he acted

Comment posted by brodash deleted Dec 7th, 2013

3591356 I have to admit I love me my dary fun fact I drink a 1/2 a gallen of milk each day if not a whole gallen but I love chesse I puted it on everything rice bacon hashbrownes pancakes(I put liquid chesse in the batter) I have cheese and milk on all my dinners

I must say that this is a great piece of work bit small but you are doing very well. it saddens me that this has so few likes but mark my words I will get people to read this. I am loving the changeling merging with the crystal ponies. Please update soon!


I try to release a new chapter for at least one of my fics every day, keep in mind this story is not even that old. Thanks for the praise, and i care more about the ratio of likes to dislikes then then total likes themselves. Ill put it this way, my two fics have about 566 views and i already have over 180 favs. I count that as a win, i thank all my readers as everysingle one of the comments i have been given have either been constructive or just a laugh to read.


Sorry, i ran out of combat steriods for today, check back tomorrow.

The united Empire of Chalmer
Edit :Or the Chaldmeri Dominion

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