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What is my NotFav folder?

If you're wondering this then congratulations, your story almost made it to my favourite folder.

"Almost?" you ask?
It is not fleshed out enough yet.
It is mostly good but a few aspects are as annoying as stepping on a lego.
It is because of some other reason.

Point is that it's good enough that I'll read it when updated and probably leave a comment once in a while.

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:twilightsmile: Well that's good to hear. I hope you continue to enjoy it as I release more chapters!

2387237 most stories makes it to my notfav folder way before stealing my like, but it came as a bundle this time.

I read your description of the NotFav folder. Thanks for adding The Right Man in the Wrong Place...

I look forward to some comments on what you liked and what you think could improve.

Chapter updates should be coming out at least once a week so stay tuned for more.

2134329 can't think of anything else apart from him being a bit off character.

  • Viewing 113 - 117 of 117
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