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I have too many stories and not enough time, I draw, and I game. I love fandoms and I'm a loving mare. All Drawings I do on here are all made by me please do not use without my permission.


He is a Pegasus stallion and Lieutenant of the Royal Crystal Guards,
She is a Changeling and a spell caster to the Hive Guards.
When both meet only love will shine in their eyes,
and only love can stop a battle.

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Few misstypes like Crysalis instead of Chrysali, quiet/quite.

It could be good story but I see it will be way to bland

Really? misspells? I edited just now and all the misspells you mentioned I fixed before, guess I need an editor, Also they never fixed the problems like I wanted it to.

5536433 Yay thank you ^^ I'm glad you guys like this story.

This has good potential, keep it up :twilightsmile:

Even if this story is very rushed (it'd take me at least 10K words to get to this part, maybe even 20-30K) it's a neat story...

Good job with the names btw.


Thanks......... I think?

5567604 *didn't get a notification for some reason*

Overall, I enjoy the story... and those moments with the Little changeling kid... simply love them

A good story, but the pacing is way too fast, and then there is the fact that your writing has a lot of issues with grammar, word choice, and a few cases of misspellings. Gonna track this to see where it goes though...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

I know it may seem rushed but this story isn't half from being done. I have a lot in the story I want to write it's just when i spit them into a computer it seems shorter than I expected it to be. There's so much that hasn't been covered in the story that I have to write, so don't give up on this story, I Pinkie Pie Swear it will get longer and better when the story progresses.

If I'm having mistakes I need a new editor, or bark at my one that is going to get fired if he doesn't read it instead of glancing at it.

When is the next chapter ready? :pinkiecrazy:

Um... I'm worried. Why there isn't a new chapter?

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