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The Changeling race has been around longer than most ponies realize. They've always found ways to feed themselves without resorting to violence. But after their leader attacks Canterlot, one pony decides to throw away his life to see things change.

Author Notes: This is my first story i've written and published in any capacity. Please comment and inform me of any mistakes I make throughout the story as well as in tagging and such. Teen & gore tag for later scenes involving live experiments and such.

Last bit of information for you all; make sure you all go to Willvasco's account to yell at him because he helped me edit this story. And while you're there, I suppose you could read his stories...if you wanted to...even just out of pity...

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Good start. But i don't see why this is Alternative universe?


I'm not too sure what the restrictions are for that tag when it comes to things that aren't established; and I have some plans for stuff that'll happen later on. That's why. But you probably have a point.

I hope the next chapter will be more descriptive on the physical looks of both carrier and wind bender. I can tell by the time win benders been working that he's old and carrier is young since he's pushing carts, but other than that theirs nothing. A good point for describing carrier would be when he introduces his name to wind bender, and a good point for wind bender would have been at the very beggining or when he came up to the guards.
Other than this wall of text I am looking forward to the next chapter.:pinkiesmile:


I want you to know that you just gave me an idea for another story that I'll have to write as soon as I finish with this one(don't ask how, I'm not entirely sure).

I'm scared... Those dark and gore tags are rightfully intimidating, in their own ways :/
But you've caught me on the premise, and I suppose it's all I can do to see it through :pinkiesmile:

Hey Adam? Fuck you too

I'm used to multiple character views so I like your use of it. And now I now what wind-bender looks like disguised:pinkiehappy:

You misplaced a quotation mark “Wind Bender, it’s good to see you. The guard’s been in an uproar trying to locate you.” It really did put me in a good mood to see him. He and I had been friends for most of my service and seeing him unharmed put at least one of my worries to rest.”
The quotation mark should not be at the end there.
Other than that, though, you actually did good job not fucking up, surprisingly.
And I am.... intrigued.... There is a changeling among us...

Man I really like this story, but...
That dark tag makes me fear for Wind's life :(


You...you like my story:fluttercry:? *faints* ...Sorry about that. And thank you. As for Wind...we shall see.

I like the story

Story seems interesting, Shinning Armor end up with one of his best buddies as changeling, I will look forward to this story next chapters.

nice story,
2178575 are you still working on it?


I'm working on it in the same way I'm working on building my orbital death cannon. I know what I wanna do just I'm lacking the motivation to actually write it.

2753252 Oh, OK. I hope you find motivation somewhere. I'd really like to see more of it.
(the story, not the orbital death cannon, although that sounds cool too) :twilightsheepish:

2753252 How come this story is on hiatus?

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