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Hey why haven't you been working on the highschool it was the first fix I read :fluttershysad:

Thanks for faving the triumvirate

actually far as I know they are soulbound(might be wrong), and you can still get them from lockboxes you get through pickpocket, the ones from cata and lower, just can't buy em anymore and unusable

292081 noooo you can sell that for MILLIONS, Bobby! DUN DO IT.

I'm just going to leave this empty vial here since I apparently can make the stuff out of thin air now, good luck to whatever your future holds

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By Discord, it's done! · 10:29am Jan 20th, 2013

Well, sort of done. It is 100% there, it just needs to be pre-read and edited which, thanks to my lovely editing team of two insomniac monkeys with nothing better to do with their lives, shouldn't take longer than tomorrow. So be prepared to gag tomorrow, because I finally got off my lazy *** and finished it! A week late. But still.


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