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A short little story about the holiday spirit. Written in 2 hours or so, inspiration suddenly struck so I wrote. After the assault on Canterlot failed, the changeling hive was left cold and loveless. Ersatz the changeling has no where to go, so he goes wandering off in search of love. But he will be surprised by just what he finds...

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Comments ( 15 )

This might be a good change from all of the dark adventure stuff I've been RPing lately. If anything it was fun to write.

Look out, Fluttershy, it's a changeling!
No, really, Hercule?

I have to admit it was a bit cheesy but I like cheesy Christmas stories so in the end it was a good story even if the mane 6 had to be a bit too trusting, well I think Fluttershy reacted appropriately but that's all my headcanon.

I also feel special for getting to read it early and sorry for the late comment I got distracted.

pretty good for only 2 hours of work and starting at 2.30 in the morning too!

Wow, my most liked story is the one I put 2 hours into late at night while bored. *shrug*

odd, but fun. Gets a thumb up from me.

:facehoof:I've got to say that it's corny as hell but a good story nonetheless

1869997 Eh, I wanted to write a corny holiday story sorta deal. It's intended to be. Some people like corny stories.


Not saying it's a bad thing, just pointing it out, I quite liked it actually.

i got here from a forum where you posted about wanting a changeling name. not disappointed

2637406 Oh that post i made half a year ago?

I may not be the best critic but I know a good story when I see one. This really deserves more publicity, but I guess holiday stories are usually swept away when the season ends. Though this is probably one of the only one-shot changeling stories I have come across (The "Why?" is beyond my reasoning).


(Takes a deep breath)

3016177 Oh wow, thanks!:pinkiesmile: I suppose youre right, not many people read holiday fics in the summer. But hey, it was fun to write, it kept me away from doing my typical dark adventure stuff.

It may not be the holidays but I liked this, yeah for finding a way to redeem the changelings.

D'awwww, that was sweet.

I imagine Ersatz poking Chryssie with a gift as she sits on her throne grumpily.


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