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Until I take your place, I am just a white space. I was nothing, but now I am you.

Reading by S Ninja

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Is the lack of a title intentional?

Thumbs up just for making me navigate a bunch of junk just to get here.

4204130 I'll have you know that's a "Em Space", according to this handy chart.

WHOA, very good. I did Ctrl-A to read it, and very riveting look on changelings. Have a like.

4204135 What about the lack of tags? Was that intentional?

4204168 Yeah. everything about this story is supposed to be nothing. Because the story, like its narrator, is nothing until it captures you.

Ok so I actually read it by copying pasting etc. anyways, dude...like woah. I liked it, strange and somehow you turned something that was suppose to be sad into something great. Just...wow.

4204154 Or you could change the chapter formatting in the top right corner just below the story's likes and favorite icon. I'm particularly fond of the "Rainbow Dash" color scheme. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thought provoking and clever. Have a thumb and a star.

Omg, I love it.:raritystarry: The mystery of 'who is talking?' and the realization of what it is. There's that feeling of dark intent while there is none. It feels it's helping and doing good. It was great.:pinkiehappy:

Very innovative; I like that. Have a fave and a thumb up, good sir/madam. :twilightsmile:

~The lizardman is pleased

4204251 by this actually: (I'm on my phone, where the linking thing is messed up.) http://www.fimfiction.net/story/20116/white-box The White Box by Chromosome

The story was simple, but the depth gave it life.
Your fanfic's wormed into my heart, cutting just like a knife...

4204399 Take care that nothing else worms its way into your heart... Or that of a loved one.

So glad to see that the mods were willing to let this one through. I thought the story had been deleted soon after being released when I saw only white space in the area the title was supposed to go in my notifications.

Well, that was fun! Very nicely executed concept. :twilightsmile:

I'm gonna go question my existence now... :rainbowderp:

Very, very interesting hearing this side of the changeling. Bravo good sir, for you have blown my mind.

4204470 I myself am pleasantly surprised they let it through (It was approved by Meeester too, sometimes regarded as the toughest mod.). The original short and long descriptions were "I'm nothing without you," which he made me change, but other than that, it went through without issue.

*salutes* Aye-aye, sir. Aye-aye...

This was certainly an interesting experiment. I must say... I rather enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:


This was really cool! :rainbowlaugh:

4204553 I do wonder, what happens if she is discovered?

This was so cool!

How do you do that???


The thingy. You know, the entire reason why this story was so damn clever.

4205072 the white text? The Em-Space for a title?

Sometimes I forget that you can write serious stuff. I enjoyed it. Though I didn't realize that the text was supposed to be "invisible" until I started reading through the comments because I keep the color scheme on medium dark.


Sometimes I forget that you can write serious stuff.

Oh dear. It appears I've been typecast?

Hmmm...I suppose so. Sorry?

This was less of a bitch to read on my phone than I expected it to be. This story needs a lot more views and likes.

Oh , that's some clever story right here.
It was the first time that I felt ... emptiness (and somewhat despair , it I put myself in the shoes of the pony ) while reading a story this short , so congratulation.

I didn't realize this was written with white text till I read the comments: Neat. Either way I quite enjoyed the story thanks for writing it.

Very clever idea, and well executed. I approve.

I'm actually a little scared, now. Amazing job. Now to go to bed without actually getting any rest.

4206232 Don't worry: if I replace you while you sleep, I'll make sure your death is painless. See, I'm ponane (humane?).
~The Narrator


Reading it was annoying to say the least. but damn that was good :)

Lol. I had my background set to dark and surprise text showed up. :3

4206785 at least surprise sex didn't show up. Nore did a changeling. I'm glad surprise text was all that showed up.

Comment posted by Super Trampoline deleted Apr 9th, 2014

You forgot surprise buttsecks! :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by CaveRave deleted Apr 9th, 2014

I must kill the Changlings
No, Jon,you're the changlings!

Edit: I just realised, I initially didn't notice you had to highlight the text. As such, if this was in universe, I would have skipped the story.

Meaning I avoided a deathtrap by my own stupidity...

...oh God.

4206270 Equine, perhaps? But yeah, that was awesome.

I'm very glad you all appreciated this. This was quite a little experiment, and I'm happy with the results. I'm already pondering writing an even more chilling sequel. :raritywink: (but not for a bit; I have a billion half finished stories right now. :twilightoops:)

Also, thanks go to Meeester :unsuresweetie: for being open to approving a story with no character tags, no genre tags, no cover photo, and a questionably-existent title.

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