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Pinkie Pie's favorite Saturday morning radio drama is on in a few hours, and between the anticipation and the caffeine, there's no way she's gonna get anymore sleep until it airs. So she wakes up all her friends, because misery loves company!

Post-read by xjuggernaughtx, who's a pretty cool guy, writes really awesome Discord stories, and loves commas.

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So last night I dreamt of watching this episode, so I wrote a fanfic parody of it.

Not bad. Have a thumbs up.

3577308 Oh god if red bull gives you wings, and we give pinkie red bull, and we give pinkie wings... :applecry: I fear for this world.

Funny little fan fiction to fuel the tension for the new episode.
I love Pinkie's behavior. That was pretty much everybrony's behavior before the new episode and also before the start of S4 in general! :pinkiehappy:
Did you see all that exactly like that in your dream or have you added something?

3578856 Nah, In my dream, I dreamt the old castle was REALLY tall, like taller than even canterlot castle, and that I could see for miles in every direction standing on top of it. That's about all I remember. But I woke up, and I was like, I should write a story about this, cause I'm not sure I'm gonna get back to sleep.

But you have built in some things, that appeared later in the episode.
The ruins and the haunted castle weren't so hard to guess, I think, but you also made a Scooby-Doo reference.
Was that also just a guess or did you heard before that it will have Scooby-Doo references?

3582095 I based that on the episode description, and the fact that in one of the MLP commercials you see Dash spinning around in one of the traps. I was a good colt and didn't watch the leak. :scootangel:


Hmm, colt, scootangel......
A fan of rule 67? :trollestia:

3582130 lol I thought it was rule 63? and know, it's just that that emoticon is extremely appropriate for the sentiment expressed in the previous sentence.


>>>lol I thought it was rule 63?<<<
I just confused the numbers.

>>>it's just that that emoticon is extremely appropriate for the sentiment expressed in the previous sentence.<<<

As it was mine.

...I do not pretend to understand what I just saw but I laughed alot so it was worth it!


Pinkie Pie + caffeine ??? GOD HELP US ALL !!!!!!


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