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A racist blue showmare walks into a psychiatrist's office and spills her mind. Luna wishes there was a punchline.

Takes place before season 2

WARNING: RANDOM! Do not read if randomness is not your cup of tea.
An hour and a half speed write, because sometimes it does a person well to write silly things.

The first of four stories in the Dr. Luna Moon the Suffering Psychiatrist Series
-Trixie Complains About Random $#!%
-Bon Bon Thinks Griffons Aren't Real
-Celestia Has a Questionable Infatuation With Her Niece's Coltfriend, Who's Also Her Apprentice's Brother, Not to Mention Captain of the Royal Guard
-All Things Must Pass, Including Kidney Stones

Chapters (1)
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Comment posted by Lunar Scribe deleted Apr 15th, 2014

Make it a series! *clears throat* but must thou grace us with these many moons? We feel that we are getting mooned a thousand times over.

I think this calls for a series
*insert evil wierd smile here(like pinkamena's but well its mine)*
oh and one more thing
-looks on both ways-
include Zombie:pinkiecrazy:

Yes make it a series the great and powerfull Trixie approves :trixieshiftleft:

Yes, this definitely calls for a series.

yes indeed. A series this should be.

4237543 i agree, and your icon makes me want to buy that patch... MUST HAVE!

Everyone likes a series, but I believe the real question should be whether you, the author, wants to make a series. Lack of a drive has far too many times seen the glorious fan fiction be banished to eternal stagnation.

Either way, I say no.

That was fun, but I think that a series could drag it into the horrible grounds of boredom. I don't know if I'd read a whole series about this.

YEs, make it a series lol

Do I want to know who her first patient was? Maybe Twilight? Panicking about something or other?

4238544 Maybe the first two patients were actually relatively normal: Fluttershy has anxiety issues stemming from an abusive childhood (something not very comedic and thus not likely to show up in this series), and Sunshower Raindrops, who has low self-esteem because nopony seems to know who she is (and yet she has a tag on fimfiction.:rainbowhuh:) .

4238572 But Luna. was thinking about her previous patiant before Trixie was Lyra ranting about doorknobs too. I do like the idea about Rainbows.

4238610 ahhh yes. it appears my memory is highly fallable. And to think I only wrote this yesterday :twilightoops:

Why not simply add continuation in as more chapters? It would be easier.

Yes. But Alternate it between Nightmare Moon and Luna Moon.

I'm sorry wat

So she ended up seeing her alter ego for therapy? I'm pretty sure that's not healthy.

4240982 yeah, but it beats hanging out with trixie! :rainbowwild:

4240634 your guess is as good as mine :ajunsure:

I find it humorous how Luna becomes a psychologist and has to differentiate between the royal "we" and the psychologist "we."

Me dammit.


This is awesome!:rainbowlaugh:


include Zombie:pinkiecrazy:

I agree with that

This was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

4316518 Your face is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: Just kidding. :raritywink: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

"Yes, the foal-blue pony asked, backing up at last.

Two problems: 1. Forgetting to END the speech marks, and 2. "Foal-blue" isn't a real term. Foals in Equestria... or anywhere else aren't blue.

4346361 Thanks for pointing out the Missing quotation marks. Foal-blue Is supposed to be the pony equivalent of baby blue.

What did she mean by "wrong moon" at the end?

Even in this modern age, that can't be normal.

needs end " marks.

"Yes, the foal-blue pony asked, backing up at last.

end " marks after the ","

Lol! Poor Luna. Nice fic, I'm glad this became a series. *goes to read more*

4603706 Annnnd, fixed! Thanks for pointing those out.


No problem. I'm enjoying reading this series.

Dang it. I have no idea how I ended up on your story archive, but now I'm stuck here. You just HAD to have a funny Trixie story to lure me in, didn't you?

well, another thing that really wrinkles my sprinkles

Holy crap look like I'm reading the entire series.

hey umbrella hats look plenty cool!!!

5582239 They are hats. So in my opinion hats= awesome

My sides are still hurting from laughing very hard after reading this. Going to read Bon Bon Thinks Griffons Aren't Real now.

6129113 that's high praise for a comedy writer. Thank you. ^_^

"Well, we feel perhaps we (the collective we, not the royal we) should talk about your insistence on using the third person point of view in your speaking patterns. Even in this modern age, that can't be normal."
Trixie grimaced, the word "Hypocrite" flashing across her conscious mind.

oh, that made me think of this crazy fan-comic:

The link for All Things Must Pass Including Kidney Stones, isn't working.

Yeah, knighty changed the rules so that you can’t link to unpublished stories anymore. It’s bullshit. I need to go back and change a lot of these links to wallpapers instead.

T_T, that kinda sucks. Will that story ever get published someday? I like the random comedy of this series :pinkiehappy:. It's good for a chuckle :twilightsmile:.

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