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I'm your friendly neighborhood Sir Dies-A-Lot, and I have a habit of resurrecting more often than Jesus! If you came for quality content, then you'd best high-tail it outta here! ...Because I suck.

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Hey look I'm not dead yay meh · 9:33am Mar 15th, 2015

How many of these "Sorry for being dead" posts have I made? I didn't actually count before I started typing this, but I think maybe 2 or 3. This is the second time I've started a story on Fimfiction, only to go hiatus. Before, it was laziness and disinterest. But now, it was just disinterest. But a different kind of disinterest.

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Thanks for the comment and the fave. I'm glad you enjoyed A Diamond Grove.

Thanks for the follow! Any particular reason why?

Majin Syeekoh

Thank you for favoriting Twilight on Acid!

You favorited JiE, and so I shall return the favor! :pinkiesmile:

HAH! I forgot about this!
I don't think it was recorded anywhere, it was a live broadcast.

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