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Flare N Jaeger

What is better? To be born perfect, or overcome your flawed nature through great effort?


It has begun... · 1:21am May 12th, 2015

The worst week of the school year...:ajsleepy:

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Coming Soon:

A few fics I've been working on recently:
Rainbow Unleashed--A fusion fic between MLP and Sonic Unleashed. Sorry It's taking so long--the opening battle scene's been tricky to write!
Nothing Special--A darkfic starring one pony who couldn't possibly have a dark side... right?
A Study in Violet--The name could be changed in the future... But I like Sherlock too much to ignore this story idea!

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Flare N Jaeger



Thank you for faving my story Below Average. I hope that it wasn't. :trollestia:

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