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hOi! welcom to...


tHis iz th plase wheR ALL tEmS and Fanz oof TeM can come aNd talk bouT TEM! yayA!

*hOi! anD don forget my friend...

*fAnCu Tem! yayA!

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am new some love me

408596 You know that Tems are actually very smart, right? If you refuse to sell them something they like, then they will speak in a coherent and intelligent manner. They probably have tem college. TEM IS SO CUTE.


hOI I'm TemMie!
*groans* Damn it Temmie! I thought I was going to brutally murder you during a Genocide run of Undertale I might do some day! But... but... I JUST CAN'T!!!1! You're too adorable! Go to college and get away from-

Wait... there's a college in the Underground?

hOI! jUNEbG s veR exiCited fOR tEM!

407097 Tem Flak Box haz stoway? :0

Iz tem! :O

407016 already beat you to it

Wer DaH tEmmI flAkZ?

hOI! I'm Temmie!

Someone should make a group for sans. I can't cause I'm too lazy.

cOUnt mE iN

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