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I write stories, just like most people here... I handle things in unorthodox ways with varying success. My stories might reflect that.


A question for my readers · 11:14am Feb 16th, 2015

It's been a while since I updated anything. I've been around but not updated. It's because I was writing a new one-shot story that I have writers block on, and so far I'm not really proud of. And because of that people wanting the next chapter of Applejack's Vampire Sibling or someone who want another Pony and Video Game Character Crossover and

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My stories in order of publishing. (For future reference)

» Hypnotized Fluttershy (still in progress, reluctantly)
» The Club's Connected to the Boutique. (Complete)
» The Pinkie Show Tonight: With our special guest star: Kermit the Frog! (Complete, Cancelled. If you wanna read it, here the hint)
» Voices in My Head (Incomplete)
» Discord's Sweet Friend, Discord's Feral Pet (Complete)
» Rainbow, Big and Froggy (Complete)
» Princess Twilight and Dr. Nefarious (Complete)
» Applejack and Moneybags (Complete)
» Firebird's Bad Feather Day (NSFW) (Incomplete)
» Lightning Dust and Polar (Complete)
» Fluttershy's Second Greatest Secret (Complete)
» Applejack's Vampire Sibling (Incomplete)

My editing resumé. (Also for future reference)

Note: While I edited these there still are errors. These are oversights or stuff that didn't carry over through supervision. My edits are 100% copy and pastable. Also the complete/incomplete thing is for the stories progress, not mine.
» Voices in My Head
by ponyofawesome92 (Deleted, it's a shame too)
» What Happened?
by Rainbowshy32 (Complete, recommended)
» Foal adventures.
by Super-Stallion (Complete, Read it! After reading it's prequels first)
» My Little Invader Zim
by ponyofawesome92 (Delorted!!, It was kinda fun...)
» Her little Rainbow
by Super-Stallion (Complete, It's a fun read.)
» The Return of Disharmony
by ponyofawesome92 (Complete! Congrats, now stop deleting stories, even if you're stuck)
» The Cute and Adorable Twixie! by Super-Stallion (Complete)
» A little Dusty by Super-Stallion (Complete)
» Princess Filly'tia by DGGames (Incomplete, a story inspired by Foal adventures. and strangely set in my The Club's Connected to the Boutique story's universe. Read my story first, cause spoilers. Despite it's promise, it isn't canon. I already had planned sequels.)
» Raising Rainbows by DGGames and Shagohad12 (Incomplete)
» Foal Adventures: Untold Stories by Super-Stallion (Incomplete)

My Co-Authoring

» Foal adventures. by Super-Stallion (Only by technicality, I wrote a few chapters. I'm more of a guest writer.)
» Princess Filly'tia by DGGames a small chunk.

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