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I write stories, just like most people here... I handle things in unorthodox ways with varying success. My stories might reflect that.


Pinkie Pie has always been the most social pony, but a it's a little known fact that she has issues. Never mind, everyone knows that. But it's more severe than everyone thinks.

In fact, there's other side to her.

This is not original description, which is lost. So it might be not as fitting. This is also not the same artwork.
I got promoted from editor to writer.
Original story (and the first four chapters) by ponyofawesome92 (Now Midnight Rose)
(saved from deletion limbo)

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found a good song for this it's kinda creepy, fits the mood >:D :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Wow, this story is awesome! I love Pinkamena! :pinkiecrazy::heart:

Amazing just amazing, I love it. Continue!!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

3622056 It's not dead if you're implying that. I'm busy writing a chapter from another chapter for somebody else's story. Which is almost done.

man your grammar is getting progresivly worse. This chapter was almost unreadable at times

3728000 Elaborate, if I don't know what I do wrong, I won't know how to improve.

"Deletion limbo"? What's that suppose to mean? Are you saying that when an incomplete story doesn't get updated within a certain amount of time, it will be deleted?

3793078 It was between life and death. It was killed, but it was still alive in a folder I made for editing purposes. So it's only alive because of me.

3793358 So when an incomplete story doesn't get updated within a certain amount of time, it won't be deleted?

3793365 It won't. The original author deleted it because of her frankly many stupid reasons. I won't get into those.

firebirdabirdoffire i got a question when will the next chapter for this story come out because i like it

3819721 Yes. I'm currently writing for both Super-Stallion and Night Mist a handful of chapters for Foal adventures. and finishing Scootaloo's Guardian respectively.

I would be struggling juggling them. Putting this story on hold made sense to me. It won't get the Hypnotized Fluttershy treatment.

But once the Foal adventures. chapter are done, I can safely do both this story and Night Mist's.

Any more questions you want to ask?

3819742 ok and nvm i found Scootaloo's Guardian story so i don't have any questions

3819779 I haven't written a part of it yet that you can see. The first chapter I'm writing for it is still in progress. But the way it the last current chapter ends is satisfying enough.

Comment posted by Luxina deleted Sep 19th, 2019

3839446 Quick and to the point. But you spelled "more" wrong, and in all capital letters. The smiley face was also kinda unnecessary. You get a B-

All joking aside the comments below explain why this story is on a brake.

3839823 Wholy crap I have to read this now!! :D Oh...I mean: :pinkiecrazy:

3972378 Took you this long? Then again, it took me a while to finish this chapter. I shouldn't be one to talk.

yay this story update and i can't wait for the next chapter and i like it

3972421 You read really fast don't you? Not to mention a lot, makes me jealous.

3972434 yeah i do and i am sorry that it make you jealous

3972445 I've had worse. It isn't the end of the world.

3972402 I didn't even realize you were still doing this thing! lol :raritywink:

3972448 what kind of worse have you had and ok

3972461 Well I'm never specific on worse. For example: an injury is worse than a haircut.

3972503 ok and that sucks

3972509 not really. It happens to everyone. Yeah it sucks.

Yay oh I hope they get separate bodies:pinkiehappy:

Good story my friend:pinkiecrazy:

SUPRISE! ....are you the real pinkie and you were just in the body of pinkamina the whole time!?!?!?:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

4059203 Sorry, while there's an answer I'm leaving it ambiguous.

4059354 GGAAAHHHH!!!!!!:flutterrage: still a great story though!...(sigh) ...

Awesome, nine chapters in and I got my first dislike in the story, new record.

4345677 That comes of as non-sequitur to me.

wait what that mare name Surprise is in the real world now :pinkiegasp: and i like it

4363899 You read fast, have I mentioned that before? Like at least two times maybe?

4363921 yeah you have and yes i do read fast sorry

i am sad that pinkie pie died at the end of this story

4473479 Depends which epilogue you read.

4473484 huh what do you mean

4473492 At the and of the twelfth chapter I gave three links, the one that mentions Pinkie let's her live.

4473501 and is this story complete now or not

4473528 I fixed that before I read your comment. I'm tired and psychic.

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