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Twilight hosts a get-together party, which, with the help of Pinkie Pie, goes down well. But after Twilight unintentionally casts the wrong spell, the Mane Six find themselves having to live each others' lives.

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Before read assumption: Promising idea, Decent amount of words,not a one shot. I look forward to reading this.

Alright! It's a good story, very promising. I found myself wanting to know what the surprise is. I'm definitely going to follow this one. One suggestion I would give you however, is to add something in between the changes in scene. Normally the easiest thing to do is add a page break, like a few -------, or you can add some ****. anything is good as long as it shows that there is a change. Other then that I thin this is shaping up well and has the potential to be something really good. Keep it up!:twilightsmile:

755447 Thanks for the comment! I wasn't sure what to use for a scene change, so I just used three spaces. I'll do what you suggested. Thanks again! :)

Looks promising so far. Just hope its not another body-swap fic.

I am here because John Bon Pony recommended this. I haven't read it yet, but it will be read soon enough.

956471 Well, I hope you enjoy it. Or, if you've already read this, I hope you enjoyed it.

Cliffhangars....gosh darn'it!:ajsleepy:

So bodyswap or hivemind? Place your bets.

1083400 Don't worry, I'll try not to take too long on the following chapters.

1086442 i really hope is the first, just to see rarity inside of pinkie pie xD

This fiction seems remarkable...low key... I shall continue to read.

757309 The site's programming has built-in page breaks, too. Few people use them, though; it's all a matter of style.

Just type [ hr ] (without the spaces).

This story has gone from being meh to AWESOME :D ooo very interesting and what not, shall look forward to more.

I like it! Definitely interested in seeing how they handle being each other! Let the shenanigans ensue!!

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

Okay, I've finished reading and I have one major issue here.

I skipped ahead and started reading at Chapter 3. I found it felt like it should be Chapter 1. I hadn't missed a thing by skipping the actual beginning. The first two chapters are completely unnecessary. If the story was about the party itself, then those chapters would have been appropriate. This story is not about the party; it's about the after-effects of the party. If you take too long to get into a story, it drives people away.

Don't get me wrong; it's not bad once you actually get into it.

Great concept but the reasoning behind keeping it secret seems forced and weak in it's reasoning. Great job so far though!

I approve of this. :pinkiehappy::ajsmug::yay::derpytongue2::rainbowkiss::raritywink::twilightsmile:

1498339 I know and I've started using them.

1498659 Writing summaries is one of my weak points. It's always the thing I stumble over when submitting a new piece, and I'm sure not going to write, "im bad at summaries just read this lol". Got any suggestions?

The plot thickens. In fact, it's thickening faster than RariPie's cake mix.

Also, complements on keeping the characters straight, mostly. You've done better than any other bodyswap author I've seen.

Underrated much? :duck:


Depends on when this is, actually. If it's set after twilight goes through that whole 'tardy' thing in Lesson Zero, than maybe a bit. Hmm, not enough to stop me from going on, I've gotten past far more contrived things in stories that are pretty good otherwise.

But a good point.

she just asked the wasteland to bitch slap her with the end comment of With this knowledge, my party’s going to be great!

Hmm. Applejack and Dash switch. Sounds vaguely familiar! :rainbowlaugh:

Nothing is too wrong with the the summery. I was just noting that the reasoning behind keeping the whole thing a secret seems a little forced. While twilight does have a "good student" complex she wouldn't let it put her friends in harms way. Even she would realize that it would take weeks for them to learn basics spells let alone a complicated reversal spell. I would suggest either making her reasoning more sound by expanding on her fear of getting caught to include warnings from celestia about this kind of event or finding a secret reasoning that the others find out as the story progresses. Then again I never complete anything beside Dnd adventures so what do I know. :rainbowlaugh:

Pretty good so far.
Still wondering what the surprise is.


You so kewl. This chapter is pshhh-awesomeeee. :rainbowkiss:

1498659 I have to agree with you there. In my own horrifyingly un-complete body switching story I have Pinkie complaining Twilight shutting down the idea of hiding it with the line "think of the hijinks Twilight, think of hijinks." I love that line so I'm a little biased.

That being said I'm loving this story anyway. it's fun.

And it just keeps good. I could definitely see this as a regular canon episode that could air next saturday.

“Indiana... Jo–?”
“Oh, that’s just a parody of Daring Do. It’s... alright, I guess.”

:rainbowlaugh: Insta-fav just for that line. I didn't read any further yet but that made my day. :pinkiehappy:

Darn it.
Now I have to wait for the next chapter. :ajsleepy:

They should be nothin’ compared to trees...
Ah hope...

Ha-ha. And the universe is gonna go against you.

Oh nooooooo

I've wanted a good body-swap fic for a while now. I haven't read many, of any quality, but they mostly revolve around Twilight and Pinkie. Nice to see a whole-group swap-off.

Oh I see, it's a body swap story.
If I wouldn't have already faved it before, I'd do it now.

I wanna see Twilight VS Angel! :yay:

wait, what did spike do?

Never consent to mind magic. NEVER!

Twilight needs to take responsibility.

1287125 Glue does not have to be made for horse.

N'awwww, Rainbow and Apple Bloom :pinkiesmile:

While I'd have rather prefered to see Twilight <--> Pinkie; Rainbow <--> Fluttershy; Rarity <--> Applejack, I still like this story a lot, and I'm eager to see the next part. Keep up the good work.

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A new chapter! :pinkiesmile: It looks like Pinkie is not faring as well as Rarity, which has already a hard time baking... I can't wait to see how well it will go for the other four. :twilightsmile:

i lived the indiana jones reference i cant stop laughing!:rainbowlaugh:

Little Britain ref there :twilightsmile:

Computer says no...

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