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A Little Bummed · 10:21pm Nov 16th, 2014

So, I got writer's block (again) and decided to write a story I've had in my head for a while. I'm actually glad it was written post-Season 3, as it gave me more to work with. It didn't exactly come out the way I wanted, and I'm not too happy with it overall. But people enjoyed it (apart from two who gave it downvotes without even reading it), so that's good.

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Happy birthday!:raritywink:

Hope you had a happy birthday!

Happy birthday

please tell me what you think of it i would like some feed back

so did you get my message

997545 I guess you'd have to send me the link. If you don't want anyone else to see it, yet, send it to me through a PM (the envelope button under my avatar).

wait then how do you read an unpublished story :rainbowhuh:

996317 I would, but, uh... I can't see your story. :derpytongue2:

hey scot would you mind reading my story and tell me what you think i would like your input please :fluttercry: the pass is 599

I just joined the group :pinkiehappy:
FREEDOM to Scotland :flutterrage:

848036 I really have no interest in wearing a kilt. If I absolutely had to wear one, I guess I would. Knowing my luck, it would probably be a really windy day then, too.

Same with haggis. I have no interest in wearing haggis. Or eating it. It just doesn't sound particularly nice to me.

Yeah, I'm probably the most un-Scottish Scottish guy ever. :rainbowderp:

Wait on fan fiction your profile says you have not worn a kilt. i been to 4 wedding which i had to wear a kilt and i have never felt more manly you should try it. also haggis tastes great :rainbowwild:

:yay: yay i helped name the group can't wait to join

832646 Would anyone think it relates to a Scottish group, though? I don't even know if anyone here can speak Gaelic. I certainly can't and we'd probably not get as many members.

831599 Hm. The Highlanders might work.

I'll create the group maybe tomorrow, or if not, at least in a couple of days.

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