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After Twilight receives flawless marks on her exams, Princess Celestia rewards her with a visit to her private garden. Contains filly Twilight and Momlestia.

Cover art by Mamandil on deviantArt and used with permission.


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Thank you for writing this heart warming piece.
On a side note, I especially liked how you handled the princess title.

Well that was quite lovely.

A very charming bit of slice-of-life, set during one of my favorite points in continuity. You did a great job with Celestia's voice throughout, and the whole thing was warm and sweet. Nicely done!

Very adorable. Nice work.

3980928 You're welcome. :twilightsmile:

I was a little pedantic over Celestia's title. You know, making sure it was "Princess" when used as a title and "princess" when used generically.

3985322 Well, adorable is what I was aiming for. :P

Damn, I was hoping for porn.

I'm faving this because it's the perfect example of why you should read fanfiction. Everyone who has watched the show and likes twilight or celestia would love to see this mundane moment that's made special in the way only words can describe, but it wouldn't work in the show or comics.

3995255 Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

And on a separate note, in regards to Mr. Sex Addict; I... I don't know. I can't do it. I can't emphasise how obviously stupid and utterly pointless his comment is. I just can't. :facehoof: The Everyone rating in addition to the complete lack of a Sex tag wasn't enough to tip him off?

Great job! Is Coltland supposed to be Scotland? :trollestia::twilightsmile:

4256779 I was wondering if someone would get that! :raritywink:

Have a moustache, my good sir.:moustache:

4260673 I use Trotland, then there is Scoltland. :pinkiehappy:

4272993 I was originally going to use "Scoltland", but I liked the sound of "Coltland" a bit better. "Trotland" is one I hadn't thought of, but it could still fit.

4278303 Scoltland's good to. :pinkiehappy:

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

I rather enjoyed this for what it was, but if I must nitpick, it's this little bit: Canterlot is not the city or castle Celestia and Luna grew up in. In fact it's arguable Luna wasn't even aware it existed prior to her purification. Their old castle, the one she actually lived in, the one that would house their gardens, is the one in the Everfree Forest. But then, I suppose some things must be changed to allow for some stories.

Really great story. So fluffy and sweet. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for writing =3

In the real world, some kings and queens had multiple castles the they moved to and from for various reasons. The castle in the Everfree could've been their main home but Canterlot was a close second.

That was sweet, and I especially liked the portion where the meaning behind the bouquet of flowers was explained. This was a charming little read. Lovely story. Thank you for kindly for sharing it. :twilightsmile:

Beautiful and innocent.

What a delightfully pure and refreshing read, thank you!

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