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Notice Me Senpai

I make a habit of stalking appreciating every new face I meet.

Notable Senpai

Eris-senpai (or whatever your name is now), because you were my first major FIMFiction senpai and the first one who took the time to interact with me.

Corporal Flabbergasted-sensei, because you act like a second father with your much needed wisdom, always doing you best at keeping me down the right path.

Ai-kun, for helping make my dream a reality, and for being there for me in my early days as my first major friend.

Tavi4-kun, for being the voice of reason in the face of all my absurd moments, and for being great fun in your own special way.

Jake-kun, for being the closest friend I have online, always making sure to keep me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Also worth mentioning, somehow managing to get the elusive Naomi seal of approval!

Sentinel-senpai, for being one of the funniest people I have had the pleasure of talking too.

Muse-kun, for not only being an active voice to listen too, but a strong friend. Keep going strong, Naomi and me like hearing from you.

Kirito-kun, for always taking the time to talk with me, being one of the closest friends I can always rely on. I love it when I see your messages in my inbox!

Otaku-senpai, for making me laugh with every word you foam out of your mouth. (I'm just teasing you about that by the way) And for being an amazing individual who never stops giving his all.

Clark-sensei, for being my amazing co-author and friend. Your like a mentor, or big brother to me, and I seriously appreciate it.

Silvers-senpai, for not only bringing insight into his passions, but for being a thoughtful friend.

Gwen-chan, for being the fastest person I’ve ever warmed up to. Constantly making me feel comfortable, and happy when I'm around you.

Alice and Naomi

Artwork done by the amazingly talented Kaelin Doman, and commissioned by my great friend, Jake.


I Guess This Is Goodbye · 2:41am Nov 28th, 2015

I hate to say this just when I was thinking I was getting back into the swing of things, but I think it would be best for me to just officially say goodbye to all of you. With two jobs and loved ones to look after, I just don’t have the time to stay in the community. The only time I have to talk with online friends is diminishing every passing week, and I feel like the talking has lost its spark. FiMFiction was a magical place back when I started, and it felt so good getting to talk with all

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Thanks a lot! :pinkiehappy:
Though, I would be glad just to know if everything's alright with her :ajsleepy:

2018642 If you would like, I could ask for her permission to give it to you through PMs.

I hope so too :applecry:
Thank you! ^- ^
But I don't know her email :twilightblush:

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