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1923390 No, I ment I was acting like one because of what I did. You said nothing of the sort.

I said you were an ass? When? Look, don't beat yourself up for it. Its nice to know people like my work, but I'm not going to be like North Korea and demand you like me.

1923355 Damn, that makes me feel worse. Because you're exactly right... *sigh* I'm such an ass. You just got caught in the whirlwind of my fury. It was mostly some of the former people I followed whining about followers. I haven't acted like a child this bad since I was one. I feel like a six year old giving a tantrum in Toys"R"us because 'mother' won't buy the toy I want.

1923344 I just realized that this is the deepest I've been this week, yet I was talking about cookies. Cookies are not deep. Its like dropping an oreo in milk, you will get that oreo one way or another.

...Now I'm thinking of filly Twilight and an oreo. Wow, your unfollow got trippy on my end. I'm actually crying, but its not sad! Nor joyful.

1923296 That's fine. Though, its strange to follow someone for a day then unfollow. But really, liking something is the reason we follow until we stop liking things. Cookies must crumble or stale at some point. :twilightblush:

  • Viewing 108 - 112 of 112
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