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This group and empire is now under no management. It is an archive of the great empire which once was under Eris.

Welcome, my Discordian brethren and children! Here is the dwelling of some of the greatest and most revered deities of Fimfiction, Eris H Discordia (Eris Q Rose/Twilight E Lucy) and her many children and/or affiliates.

Prepare to enter a world of endless chaos shaped by the whims of bored gods and

Welcome Home...

What has happened in the past has happened. How terrible of a person would I be to leave you all behind and on your own? This is Eris Q Rose, original Discordian speaking, and I want you all to know that I am so sorry for everything I've done to mislead and hurt you.

I am changing, but not for the worse, for the better.

Once a Discordian, always a Discordian.

If you join this group and leave, you still are my brother or sister. If you've taken on the "H Discordia" name and changed it to what it used to be or something different, then you are forever still a child of this empire.

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399061 Welcome Darth Dan

398550 Hello my daughter

Julia #72 · Jun 1st, 2015 · · 1 ·

I will always love this group.

I discard my name of Scribe H Discordia

For a sexier one

397547 the one that will stab your soul

Who even are you?

ERIS is gone, less than two weeks from now she will be back,I claim her place as lleader mother stupid spokes person of the discordias,

My first order, keep doing that what you do,

it's only an option

When you join this group do you have to rename your name last name to to : 'H Discordia'?

395710 funny how that works right? I'd rather fight an army of constantly regenerating robots AND green men who can grow back their body part and survive totally off water, than fight a political battle.

I find it funny how there are tons of us around this site now, and I doubt that half of them even looked at the test... Simply wonderful how fast chaos can spread. Night.

What happens after you take the test thing? I can do the name thing on my alt when it's not around a holiday when I change my name. :D

It's okay...

but... if you've noticed, ever since I've gained my Empire and power, I've been fighting a political battle on FiMFiction...

it's funny how I was only battling gods and mortals, but now, I'm battling politicians and ideologies.

395698 yes I have my daughter I am sorry for that...

Father... you've been quite quiet lately...

395568 Hello my daughter

395454 I'm going to start a group called Fugly Duckling's Fantabulous Ankle-Biting Butt Munchers, and then change my name to 'Fugly Duckling The Butt Muncher'
EDIT: okay that name is too long

Edit #2
Here's the group

I would call this group a cancer upon this world; but frankly it isn't bothering me in the slightest and I don't know why it bothers anyone else.

i forgot

First, Hera changed her name to Hera H Discordia, then the next thing I know, Butterkeet makes us a group, and then I make a Discordian Test, and now we have eighty thousand H Discordias running around.

I've always wanted to start a trend, but not like this... maybe a pony meme with a picture that says something funny, but nothing like this.

I love it.


someone please tell me why is this a thing

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