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Hi!! I am a girl. Who: likes video games,music and reading. I hate: Math, shopping and such things. I like to chat, RP and so on. My fav ponies: Pinkie Pie (of course), DT, SS,...Warning:crazy,wierd


Holy heck! · 6:06pm Jun 6th, 2017

....How much have I missed?!
A lot apprently. As you have all probably noticed I have been inactive....A lot. I found a site that I kinda like a bit more, since it’s main thing is roleplaying and I’m having a blast there!
If you are interested this is my account:

I’ll try to be more active. Emphasis on try. :applejackunsure: What else have I missed other than the whole site changing?

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Why that? Why not choose something more badass?

2577413 Eh, my wife is succubus. Kinda had to get a demonic name to join her family, ya know?

Then nevermind. But sounds a bit demonic

Hmmm..Is your name by chance Oedipus?

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