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Hi!! I am a girl. Who: likes video games,music and reading. I hate: Math, shopping and such things. I like to chat, RP and so on. My fav ponies: Pinkie Pie (of course), DT, SS,...Warning:crazy,wierd


IT'S ALIVE-No wait, it's dead again · 8:11pm Mar 11th, 2019

My account when I come back on:

5 minutes later when I leave again for 3 months:

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  • EThe Elements
    A young unicorn mare Lucky Star finds a book in Twilight's library about the Elements of Equestria. The elements of water, earth, fire and wind.
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Its like we are twins! Your exactly like me in your bio!

Why that? Why not choose something more badass?

2577413 Eh, my wife is succubus. Kinda had to get a demonic name to join her family, ya know?

Then nevermind. But sounds a bit demonic

  • Viewing 932 - 936 of 936
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