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Welcome! This is where I'll be posting everything related to my upcoming story series, A Twist of Fate. Expect frequents additions such as stories, updates, hints, character bios, art showcases, readings, contests, and more. To warn any newcomers, there may be spoilers in these posts if you are behind, so view at your own risk.

This group also functions as a place for people to gather and show their stories, art, and opinions about me, my OCs, or my stories. Any thread will be allowed as long as it relates to me or my work, and is within reason. When posting artwork or readings, place it in the correct showcase, and when uploading fan stories, please put them in the "Fan-made Stories" folder. And finally, please use proper tags when posting and no NSFW.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, it follows 6 OCs, their friends, and their companions as they go throughout their lives, their fates constantly changing, yet forever intertwined.

For those of you wondering about my update schedule, there isn't one. I will try to get them out as often as I can, but with all the work that goes into these, I can't make any promises. The series is divided into arcs and mini-series. Each of the main 6 OCs have their own series of stories, which will be created in story arcs. A story arc consists of one story from each of the mini-series and will be updated when the entire arc is finished.

There will also be side stories and a mini-series following my ponysona that will be updated periodically. These side stories will follow some of the more minor OCs, and will not be consistent with each arc like the main stories.

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