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Welcome everypony to the Cutie Mark Hunters! This is a group made by Dr Aqua Light and Subject 19. Our group was created so that people could create, share and explain the meaning of their cutie marks. Got your own OC? Share with us what their cutie mark is and how they got it!

Have a favorite character from a tv show or movie and have an idea for what their cutie mark would be? Share it with the everypony else!

Chairman: Subject 19
Chairwoman: Dr Aqua Light
Artist: PinkieDP

More staff will be added as the group grows.

We might add more aspects to this group later on. If you have any suggestions for us just let us know through PM or by starting a new thread!

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409343 cool! I'll post a thread about sharing your OCs cutie mark stories then

Yeah that works!

Wat about sharing our OC's cutie mark story?

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