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This is the group for the amazingly fabulous fashion stallion from the newest episode, Canterlot Boutique! Let's all give him the love he rightfully deserves!

Please be courteous to all other members and use common sense.

Stay fabulous!

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Are NSFW stories allowed in this group?

Hey, a group dedicated to Fashion PlatexRarity!

I'd think that him and rarity would make a good ship.

402748 Damn you just gave me a ship! So cute :heart:

402748 For me, I like to see him with Trenderhoof.


Hooray! Ship all the ships!

Personally, I ship him with Savoir Faire, the waiter. It seems funny, strange, and FABULOUS!

My whole life has led me up to this moment.

Now I know it is my density in life to ship this guy.

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