This group is for all of us who are fans of the Black Blur, the world's Ultimate Life Form, Shadow the Hedgehog.

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Comment posted by CosmicPony deleted Oct 11th, 2022

Where exactly?

Hey guys! How'd you piss Black Kyurem off? He mentioned you in one of those pathetic "Well is X Y?" deflections.

"I'll make you wish you'd never created me."

412519 I will, and so should you.

412518 Just drop this already!

412502 Or perhaps you're not helping yourself of being the bigger person

412501 You're not helping, you know.

412498 And it's better that way then dragging this dead horse on

412497 Blocking doesn't work here the same way as it does on sites such as deviantART. Blocking only prevents users from making contact on each other's profile pages and nowhere else.

Then by that logic, the only mature and normal thing to do is to just ignore, block, and move on. He'll leave you alone as long as you do, no conflict will ensure and things will go back to normal if you were to taken that step. Instead he got blocked and it only shows who's at fault here for overreacting to the opinion of one person like if he is a hundred.

Strength comes in numbers, so if that number is only one then it's not worth dwelling into it.

412494 I know who you were talking to. I'm just merely saying that I understand what you were saying.

412493 I was talking to JakkTheReaper. It's him who doesn't get me. He was talking backwards to me.

412492 No one should trash someone for their opinions. Nor should they force their opinions onto the person (that they're speaking to)'s opinions. I understand everything that you said. :rainbowderp:

I also agree with the fact that Shadow does have his flaws. But, they don't stop me from liking him. I mean, every character in every franchise has at least one flaw of some kind. No character is perfect.

412491 :facehoof: I wasn't trying to get James banned! You got it backwards! He trashed me for my opinions!

Then I advise you to not try to get other people ban over just speaking their mind, if they left after they said what they said, then they just don't want to be around this type of audience and would rather move on and away from such an environment. Simple as that

412486 Why would I file a complaint against you? I have no quarrel with you. Everything you've said makes sense to me and I'm aware that the character Shadow the Hedgehog has flaws. At first, I responded to user Humanity with a joke intended to be just a joke. Then I discovered he was no longer in the group and because he did a hit-and-run in one of my groups, I assumed it was the same deal here. It wasn't, so that was my mistake, I admit that. But I do know that user Humanity has tried to force his opinions on me and declare them canon and I have links to a couple of threads on my profile to prove it. I can assure you that I would never want a user banned over his/her opinions, but I should think that someone trying to force them on me is another issue altogether.


If someone is bothering you, block the user before it devolves into a big argument. Block evasion should be reported to the admins.

Intentionally exploiting the site is grounds for a ban, please report any found exploits with reproduction steps to immediately.

We reserve the right to remove or restrict content for other reasons, at the discretion of site staff. This may include banning users in more extreme cases.

That being said, you "could" file out some sort of complaint about me, but the most humane thing to do in a mature way is to just straight out block me from your profile as well as this group instead of bringing in the admins who only deal with repeated violations such as story content that should NOT be uploaded nor posted here, Incomplete Stories/Off Site Hosting, and as well as Content of such imagery that the admins has written down in the FAQ->Rules section that is listed up on the top of the page. Getting an Admin to ban someone over just speaking their mind about the flaws that shows the difference from before and today is more or less an abuse of Report Claim to said person just because you don't want to acknowledge their criticism nor believe the evidence pointed out. And with that I, I'll begin my speech:

See what Humanity was pointing out was the flaw of Shadow the Hedgehog today how his archetype was not only the birth of the term "Edgy" in Anime we see today, but also how it has been choking itself with that term due to how SEGA has yet to do any much, more or less, character development to make him a redeemable character or perhaps even a well respected one.

Now I'm not, and with unbiased conscious, saying he's the only flawed character of the franchised. We also have Knuckles who went from a tough hot-head guy but has a responsible level headed personality to protect the Master Emerald he was solely given the task to protect Day & Night, into a steroid non-educated gullible stereotype of the Muscled Flat Head of the bunch. There's also Amy who went from simple girl crush on her savior with some form of maturity, into an emotionally imbalanced hammer swinging uncontrolled temper try-hard of "Girl Power" where it doesn't seem to help the demographic of strong female role models today. And let's not forget the main guy himself, Sonic. The most I could say this (and I really do mean the most as of right now) has became an adventurous action seeking first rate hero of every life that matters even if that life is his arch-nemesis, down to a lazy and not so much of a strategic type of person who seems to only lounge around when there's nothing left to do and even if there was something for him to spend time on said something it's like he's done his work with decent effort instead and not being humble nor honest he could've done better.

Tails seems to be the only one who pretty much shows his intense potential by not only showing his high-tech can help on some aspects, but even if he made a mistake he redeemed it despite the odds stacked against him and he usually doesn't get rewarded that often for his valiant effort but enjoys the real reward of a hero's work of acknowledgement and praise for even participating and doing his best. Even Sticks, who is new to the fandom by being in Sonic Boom the tv series has much better character on herself just by being odd in a funny way. She's paranoid and somewhat delusional to the world, but she still shows she's not all entirely incompetent especially in the battlefield, sometimes even in her small dementia episodes she's even correct to what she was blabbering out or perhaps even much more useful to the skill set and knowledge she has in that head of hers. Plus despite Blaze the Cat only have 2 games to appear in (3 if you actually count Sonic '06 despite the game being very poor in terms of storyplot, gameplay, and even unneeded involvement of some characters such as Blaze herself, Rouge, Elise, and even Knuckles since most of them seem to be just put in there for plot-development or fillers just because of it's 15th anniversary) and in both games she majors in, she has a good character development of being a cold shoulder being from another world who grows and opens up to accepting others as friends so she can value what it means to not just focus on one specific task but to think of others that might be affected on the events that happens of her challenge.

But as I was saying about Shadow, despite him being the "2nd most favorite character in the fandom" as one specific character pointed out which I can defiantly agree since the numbers don't lie, he does however somewhat live up to the title of being an Edge-Lord from how in the games lately doesn't do justice to his character development to go from an Edgy character into someone who is very well enjoyed from his ascension into a beloved character through action. That of which I can point out are Sonic Heroes made him seem ok and others happy he's return but with a price yet left us wondering how did he survived, then there's Shadow the Hedgehog where his edgy-ness has rocketed sky-high because SEGA want to go through a more dark and serious approach with him and some answers of his origins as well as his survival. So by the end of the game he should've been alright by then to show that he can't deal with the questions from the past and instead he should just deal with what he has left today and probably in the future make more of something he can enjoy. But no when they went with him in '06 he went back to being somewhat fierce of using vehicles in his color to show anything black and red will make you remember of Shadow the Hedgehog as well as him being shown the future that he'll try to bring peace will never happen so what does he do instead? He'll just kick ass if the future will fight back at him, moral of the story for him apparently.

Now Shadow isn't -technically- in Black Knight, but then again this could be SEGA's choice again like in Secret Rings where they say "Hey let's put in these characters but switch their names and image out and give them a role that's straight out of this story-book universe and see what happens" so he became Lancealot, of course... The one most loyal knight in the Round Table, as well as the strongest of King Arthur's knights around, who has committed adultery to the Queen that caused a civil war and the death of Gawain (Knuckles) is Shadow the Hedgehog, with a longsword in a reverse grip instead of normal grip or even an actual lance since he's known to be skilled in both sets of weaponry. Then we get Sonic Generations which they didn't do much of him other then "remake" the battle between him and Sonic on the Final Rush/Chase platform, which I can admit it was good and a subtle tribute to an intense final face-off with Sonic's supposed equal, but not much of his personality change or any of the such was worth mentioning.

So yea you can like, love, however you feel about Shadow the Hedgehog right now and that's all cool and everything. Me and Humanity aren't saying "He's terrible and you should quit this cult following of his Edginess and Brutal personality" but we are pointing out how bad they didn't fix him up. It's just our opinion and our criticism and we understand you may feel offended or annoyed by it but it doesn't excuse how that is more or less the truth we have listed down. But believe me on this, there IS respite for the Edgy Hedgehog that SEGA didn't seem to help, it's the good people of the Archie Comics who makes the very long and successful as well as still running comic book series of Sonic the Hedgehog.

For those of you who don't know; It's a series of story after story of Sonic's time made with characters from the old SatM cartoons with characters such as Sally Alicia Acorn, Uncle Chuck, Rotor, Bunnie, Antonie, and so forth as well as some characters from the video game world like Blaze, Cream, Silver, and even Shadow himself with a much more integrated storyline and background for him. Not only did they help mend some of his inner demons and conflicts he's been dealing with that SEGA should've done, but they also help developed his character even more throughout the series where instead of being a solo, gritty, and solitary character archetype, he's grown to acceptance on a new spectrum where he understands the value of lives around him to even risk his own to protect thousands. Even if he's still a bit here and there of a person who would like some space to himself, he isn't completely made of stone and even went to not mind being surrounded by some people he would more or less tolerate without such negativity. But what really help him most is how his relationship is with the characters he spends time with; Sonic he sees as not an intense rival but more or less like an ally where he doesn't mind his quirks and banter. Rouge because she seems to be the only female security blanket due to his PTSD of witnessing Maria died in front of his eyes as well as somewhat his motivation to take up comrades as not assets but more as real partners. He help out Gamma who then became Omega and would spend time to make sure that just because you are artificially created, doesn't mean you have to purely obey the command of what you are given and live life however you want. He even apologizes to Blaze when he made a mistake in her dimension despite the backlash he's getting from her, he still didn't gave up and help her out even if it risk him of not returning back to his dimension.

But the most pivotal point in his life that help his character development of all is when he obtained Prof.Gerald's only last living interactive copy of his diary for a crisis he's trying to stop, with the help of Sonic and Nicole they dive into the data of the diary to see what's inside it and, low and behold an A.I. of what was left of the deceased Gerald and Maria, more like the last echo he'll ever hear of them. Gerald called Shadow "his son" which shows Shadow is more then just some artificially created living organism for intense power, he sees him as a living sentient mind with a choice to live so others weaker then his given power can live as well to revere him as a hero he rightfully proven he is, he doubted himself for a while but he finally had the clarity of all the answers he needed to know his purpose in life, and as the diary was slowly breaking down due to it being a perishable piece of data 50 years ago, he shows true emotions of sadness to Maria asking if he'll ever see her again, and she told him as long as he's around and as long as he live, he responds back to her what she told him long ago that she will always live in his heart and said his goodbyes one last time before they are out of the diary, from then on he renounces Eggman as an ally and deem him and his minions as enemies against the wishes of both Gerald and Maria Robotnik for bringing all life on the planet at risk of harm and annihilation.

That being said to finish my statement here; Yes Humanity is right that Shadow is an nonredeemable character of being the definition or prime example of an Edgy archetype due to SEGA's poor decisions, but that's only within the games of the Sonic franchise itself. Shadow the Hedgehog is, for better or worst, a more serious type character but just like Vegeta within Dragonball Z as well as Dragonball Super he can change into a person who can be even more loved then the main character themselves due to perfect development of his personality to make him more alive then just soulless. So you can try to ban me if you would, but as stated above you shouldn't unless this is a repeated offense against the rules here in this website specifically instead of just taking advantage of the Admins by banning people left and right for some critics that we point out on how to make a character with potential, such as Shadow as I said, to go even beyond that level where he can even surpass the main mascot and become a much more successful and endearing character. I hope you realize that what I said isn't trying to fight you nor call you out, and if you want to talk more to me then my inbox is open for you to reply back to hear your opinions, but as of now I have said my peace and as well as I also hope you understand that this isn't something you should shrug off but to take into consideration the differences between a company who focus more on selling their units to the gaming community and the company who invest their time and mindset to a well-developed story line that helps make you love the characters more on personality and background as well as experience through them page by page.

412482 Agreed. Let's put this to one side and speak more about what we were speaking about originally.

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