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Welcome to The Nightglimmer Fan Group!

Welcome everypony,
I am Midnight Glimmer, or Strike, as many of you may know me by and thank you for joining The Stellar Night Fan Group! I am so pleased to have you here. I am so excited as well for my friends birthday! I made this group for her and I hope she likes it!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nightglimmer!

(Nightglimmer's cutie mark.)

(Image above is Nightglimmer)

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Hello everypony!
This was really a huge surprise and I am so glad that you guys made my day worth while.
I hope you all had a good of a day as I had, but there is still more to partying to come!
I Thank you all and especially my friend Midnight strike!

Happy birthday Nightglimmer!!

This is creepy because I had the exact same idea for my OC's CM but in the end, I just removed the wings. It's exactly the same except, mine is the other way, the lightning bolts color is different and the star is a really light pink

i guess you're the glimmer of light in the night

Happy Bday, My comrade!:moustache:

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