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Any one who ships Feline Fluff and Spellbound Amour should join this group. They are the OC's of FelineFluff and SheogorathTheMadGod. Feline is behind this ship 100% because she has a big crush on him.

Hey, I do not!

We all know you do, don't lie.:ajsmug:

But he's my Uncle! That's gross!

Are you actually blood related?

Well... No, but he's still a whole two years older than me, and lives a million miles away!

That doesn't keep you from loving him. You were, after all the one to make this group, and draw this picture -

yeah, I did, didn't I?:twilightblush:

You love him:ajsmug:

stop teasing me:raritydespair::rainbowkiss::twilightblush::rainbowwild:

Ya, so as I was saying.

#SpellboundFluff FOREVER!!

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Meow ^w^
Why didn't you tell me?
So happen fer ya.
Though, now that you are down an uncle can I be your new uncle? OwO

407418 XD but in real life, he's a hottie:raritywink::rainbowlaugh:

407413 That's usually how It happens. Still nice to know that the little guys are getting some attention!

407412 We're not famous. We are just two users. I was pulling your leg:derpytongue2: why did you ask if we were famous bring authors?

407402 you could say that:rainbowlaugh:

407405 my internet uncle. We aren't related

I'm guessing that these two were made by famous brony authors?

I can ship it like the FedEx :moustache:

Well to be honest. Pm me.

407348 :yay: Why do I feel like you don't agree with this ship? D:

Yay. A new group.

  • Viewing 1 - 17 of 17
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