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You enter a garden unlike any other, filled with roses of all colors, as well as orchids, peonies, and many other wonders, as well as.....books? You open one and marvel at the contents, the romance, everything...

Hello there!! And welcome to Redroseheart's Garden of Love!!! Don't step on any or else I'm in big trouble....*blushes* but anyways here you will find the group that is unlike any other, marvelous, love, sadness, a little comedy to, 'spice up your day, and anything else, here it is!!

You gasp at the wide variety of books available, and you see how I give you a button, and you ask what it is for.

Oh, yes, you have to follow her to join, or will meet a terrible fate my friend....

So click this link and follow her already!!!

This group was made for the person that makes my day worth living, she is my love and life, and she is the greatest person in my life, Amber, I love you...and this is my way of showing it to you, I hope you like it.

You roll your eyes and move on to another bookshelf.


hi! redroseheart here! I got bored so I made a new banner!

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