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”It’s the same classic taste, just with a bit of love to spare!”

The Biggest Hits For This Frustrating Fandom


I'm leaving fimfiction · 9:07pm Sep 15th, 2018

There aren't really a good amount of people that care anyways, but for those of you who do...

I'm sorry for not coming to this site anymore. Something in my life has changed, and I have you all to thank for that. I hate to have friends here, because I've let you all down.

I don't enjoy MLP like I used to anymore. And because of that, I find no reason to come back to this site anymore. I truly appreciate everything you have all ever done to console my petty selfishly childish self.

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She's there for ya when you're torn and broken. Lift yourself upon seeing her little smile that though makes you wonder how cuter can Sunset Shimmy ever be? Damn bro. So friggin adorable.

Fimfiction Family

I've got Ender Knight as my awesome brother that wont ever give up on me.

That is all.

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I just noticed your avatar is Ruby

I blocked you before I disappeared. I remembered you because I don't have Alzheimer's.

How do you still remember me? And when did you block me?

Just so you know, I (think?) I unblocked you. If I didn't, blame the freaking algorithm of this website.

2405053 This is why you buy an Xbox/PS4 to go with it.

- shit launch games (except Zelda)
- cheap plastic hardware
- shit games coming in the future
- little third part support anyone is interested in
- to much mystery about the whole thing
- no Fallout 4

2403031 You've started World War III.

You do realise that the switch is going to suck right?

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I feel like there's a gap in my life, yet I don't know how to seal it tight. It's like a vaccuum, sucking up all my precious time to replace it with the filth of my sins and mistakes, and I feel inhumane, lost, fed up with everything my life has shot at me.

At this point, I found my concrete happiness. Monstercat music and Galletita.

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