We want to draw so bad but it ranges us that we draw horribly!We strive for requests! :ajsleepy:

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The group pic is SO true omg:rainbowlaugh:

Yay I'm not the only one who draws like a pre-ker!!!

That is not a rare pepa XD then again, I may have spelt that wrong...

406826 Yes! :yay: We need a sassy and pessimistic assistant too!

406820 Or we can grab a Nick Cage mask, learn a new alphabet, and grab the Declaration of Independence. Take the Mona Lisa faster than team Depp.

406813 We should pool our money and buy the Mona Lisa. :moustache:

406814 I found another art app on my phone, Medibang. It's very fun to mess around with, and it's an alternative to MS Paint. :yay:

406809 I know that feeling. It's great to have my own laptop instead of my dad's wired mouse that is on different material each week or my mom's limited mouse space and old, bumpy desk.


406811 it's k, I have like 20 cents :derpytongue2:

406810 But I'm broke! :fluttercry::raritycry: GIVE ME A DISCOUNT! :flutterrage:

406792 and you can!!! .... for a small loan of a million dollars! :trollestia:

406794 No, it's just I used my dad's computer, and then the mouse glitched, and I can't use his new one as often as I'd like. :derpyderp2:

406205 This is... like camping.

(My spell check is off. Also I wanted to make a pun to cover that fact. This bubble doesn't help me any.)

406791 No longer accessible? Do you have a Mac or something? Not judging btw.

406594 Much beauty. 10/10 would buy. :yay:

406788 MS Paint isn't so bad, I used it for a while before it was no longer accessible to me. :pinkiesmile: I prefer pixel art over any other medium.

406197 Same here but I'm a good cartoonist on paper, but without my own copy of photoshop I'm restricted to MS Paint.

how... ironic considering that the groups title is my current predicament :I

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