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Anon has a mare problem. A big mare problem. During the day, they treat him just fine. However, when night falls... that's where their inner desires rise to the surface and attempt to take Anon by force.

Note: A parody many horror games, including Five Nights at Freddies and SCP Containment Breach.

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Oh my goodness, I'm just watching Markiplier play that game just now. Never knew what it was before.
I KNEW this was going to be good! :D

its like "the purge" but sexy. I demand a sequel!!!:flutterrage:

i liked the story but would have been better to not rush it so much this first chapter.

would have liked it if he made it with like 10% battery the first chapter then on the second or later have him get saved by the bell (6:00 AM) and then on the third night...well...you know :pinkiesmile:

didnt notice it was one chapter lol. on a irrelevant note, that game is fucking scary as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

Also, more would be nice, but [MAY?] get repetitive over with each chapter, or whatever you could plan on doing.
I cannot bring myself to play this game myself for the life of me, and my computer can barely play anything! XD

I just got through this game and I come here to calm down, and then I read this...
Felt his tension throughout the fic and couldn't stop laughing

You should make this a series of all the different ponys trying to get him

That. That was truly horrifying. Even more so when you imagine the crew from Freddy's instead of the ponies. Good jod, I'm gonna' go cry myself to paranoid sitting on my bed, since I won't be able to sleep, G'night.

Shouldn't only moving doors cause power to drop? How does that work just sayin.

This was fucking awesome. You need to make this a series, seriously, this can go somewhere.

No wonder a race of prey can survive in a world filled with critters (I know not all of them are) that could eat them. Most of those predators are probably nocturnal, and they don't want to get raped while looking for food.

never even heard of that game until now.

Best Story Ever

You just nailed Five Nights at Freddy's

Have a fave and a mustache:moustache:

Well... I have something to think about at school today. So thanks. And great story

please tell me that there's a chapter 2 full of poni cloppery incoming.

As scary and hilarious as this is... it distracts me that the ring-leader and implied reason for this whole bit of of night-lust is Cadance, Alicorn of Love, married mare... unless she's no longer married. *shrug* Plus, I suppose Twilight isn't an alicorn in this one...

That said, I can imagine Luna will have words for the encroachment into her nightly realm.

1,999 words? AGH! Please add, like...an extra sentence or something! :derpytongue2:

Dear God, please no! I cannot escape from this game...... Guess I have to read it now.

i demand MORE! :pinkiecrazy:

My god, it actually was pretty scary, I feel bad for that Mofugga'

Oh gosh this story is too good to not have another chapter.

I really like the main character of this story i feel bad for him.

Sooooooo whats wrong with having sex again does it kill you?

4889605 masturbate. everyday at least once.

you'll get pretty tired of it. i'd assume sex would be the same, except maybe it would take longer.

the fic is okay. the cover sold it for me though.

4889612 Yeah i know that but

Is it really that bad?

4889614 first, your penis starts to feel pain even as it wants to "Stand up"

then climax will take a longer than it should

semen is also decreased

at the end of it all, when you do reach climax, the insides of your penis will feel itchy and it will without a doubt hurt

now take in the fact you have to do it for 4 mares. back to back

not fun

4889618 Implying its only those 4.

But yes now that i think about it that would be hell.

As scary dying is i rather die then suffer pain in my loins.

Haven't read this yet, but from what I've gathered it's probably a lot better than the OTHER fic on this site inspired by the same game...
Just a protip, if you see a story titled "Five nights at Freddie's", don't read it.

My mind was playing a movie from reading this and... damn that was intense. I genuinely had my heart racing at a mile a minute when reading this. :raritydespair:

I want you to look up a term: coat tailing.

This is the second or third 'based on Five Nights at Freddies.'

Is imagination painful to you lot, or do just find it easer to jump on the newest thing and drive it into the ground?

The mistake he made was not choosing ONE. Sure you have one love crazed mare for life, but she will help you keep the others away.

One has to wonder, why exactly does it cost power to keep a door closed? I mean, it doesn't make much sense if you think about it. Power for the lights? Understandable. Power for the cameras? No brainer. Keeping a door closed? Something doesn't seem right here.

4889736 Does it have the "disease"?

So... Shining is cool with this?

4889863 So if the building runs out of power, people won't be trapped inside.

I'm imagining Cadence going to lick him when the clock suddenly strikes 6.
Anon: Oh no no no no no...
Cadence: I told you to keep your ey *6 o'clock alarm* Oh, dear, I have to be back at the castle. Well, it was fun playing with you.
*Cadence leaves Anon sitting on the floor*
Anon: ...what the hell was that for?

You always do make interesting stories, Keep it up! You're a Great writer!:twilightsmile:


Maybe her and shining are open. Love 'everyone' and all that.

4889863 Maybe the doors are magnetically locked? That would defiantly take power, and with how fast they close it would make sense

4889981 I'd rather be trapped inside a small dark room with thick metal doors locked shut on both sides of me rather than a building where all the doors open and the lights cut out when the power runs out. Especially if there are murderous robots who either want to take a bite out of the frontal lobe of my brain or stuff me into a suit full of machinery that would pop my head like a grape.

I saw the title and thought that I've been associating with FNAF a little too much if 'One Night at ____' made me think of it. There's no way that's a 'Five Nights At Freddy's' story, I thought to myself; I'm just being paranoid.
Hehe, hehe.... heh...
I might need psychiatric help.

Damn man, I thought he was going to make it.
I was literally cheering the guy on.

4890070 It would depend on the type of magnets. Unless there's a specific system in place the robots would either have the door slam itself shut on top of them or get stuck in the doorway. Personally I would just wait until they appeared at the door and then start repeatedly mashing the door button forcing it open and closed on top of their heads until they were thinner than paper.

4888468 I know right? :applejackconfused: Amnesia doesn't really scare me, but FNAF, yeah...that scares me.:twilightoops:

Alright I'm getting sick of this Five Nights shit


This is fucking awesome, now I HAVE to check that game. Can't believe I never heard about it before.

You and me both, but the clop one is the worst for fucking up every aspect of the game, and made by an author who has nothing but overrated clopfics

Okay, it was funny. I'll give you that.

BUT! Why is rape okay in Equestria? Or is there going to be a sequel where Anon sues everyone? Cuz I would totally be down with that.

This is SO Five Nights of Freddy's vibe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :raritywink::raritystarry::duck:

I needed that before going to bed :CCC

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