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Anon decides to adopt a filly and record his experience as a Dad in a journal to do something with his life in Equestria. Except, being a father is hard work and comes at a great personal sacrifice. This is his quest to become a good father.

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Lookin' good so far.

Flutterrape, my first ever encounter with the brony fandom.
Those were the worst times.

This is one of the perfect examples of the wackado shit you find on FIMfiction.

Loving this story. Liked and followed :pinkiehappy:

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This is a very weird fic....I LUV IT!!!!!!

Alright. Well, when I first read the title, I was a bit put off. Seriously, I could easily see this going very wrong, very quickly. Thankfully, it hasn't....yet, I suppose. While I admit that the title is a bit off-putting, this chapter was fairly well-written, had a decent splash of comedy and foreshadowing, was paced a little fast (not extremely though), and had decent characterization.

Bravo. Color me interested.


I don't think there is a point. It's just something done for fun.

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Will there be random updates to the story or not? Because you got a fav and a like from me.


There will definitely be updates. I'm already on Day 11, but this is a story I work on just here and there when I get free time, but not enough free time to work on a 'larger' story.

If I were to say I didn't enjoy reading this, I would be a liar! :pinkiegasp: But anyways, good to see a new take on Flutterrape, and I like how it's set up, my only little problems are the size for a few entries, just bump up the size of them and your fine, and a few typos, besides those two little nitpicks, I'm lovin' it so far!

This... Is kinda awkward to read just because of the title. Not bad, though.

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Well this s well done.
And amazingly accurate n her behaviors for what happened to her.
Now to see how it all plays out.

it is freaking nuts. love the pacing and the way the addresses his journal is kinda funny but at the same time fresh. im reading flutterrape and im kinda scared lol. it feels like it should have a dark tag but knowing you i know how you can totally change things around. kinda cute how he's getting into cheerilee, although i do feel like the pacing for it at least as the days go by is kinda rushed. since she booked him for 2 months i thought he would start falling for her after at least the first month.

other than that, story is awesome.

*takes a look at the first chapter*


Course, what can ya expect from a 4chan origin'd story...:ajbemused:

That's my fetish! :twilightsmile: I shall favorite this.

The length of the journal entries seem fine. So far I'm enjoying the subtle foreshadowing of the true nature of the story. Also pretty clever setting up the whole flight camp thing to tie it in with the cannon of the show. Other than that it's still to early to tell. Liked and favorited:raritywink:

While I like the premise of this piece in theory, the whole thing seems rushed. And while I understand this is basically going to turn into shameless clop, and that clopfic's are more likely to have plot holes by nature, there were several places (mostly toward the beginning of the story) where the plot holes were too glaring to ignore:

I don't know much about adoption, but even if Anon decided to adopt on a whim, it would take more than a morning, even in Equestria, to get through the adoption process. Especially being a single father. Especially especially being a single father adopting a little girl. Especially especially especially being a single human father adopting a little pony girl.

I can't see anypony, much less Fluttershy, telling their adopted father they love him after their first day together.

I can't see Fluttershy jumping on anypony's bed and yelling.

. . . And that's not to say this story was bad, because it wasn't. Again, I really like the concept. This story just has a few kinks that need ironed out.

Wow jee, a story about worst pony + rape.

originally written on 4chan

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Half dime, I appreciate your in-depth criticism. I'll slow down the pacing a bit. While there isn't much I can do about those issues now, I'll focus closer on Fluttershy's characterization to ensure that these 'holes' don't happen in the future.


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I seriously need more Flutterrape in my favourites list

not too sure overall. though the chapter was decent, the Flutterape part could be off-putting. need to wait and see.

I see the negative comments and really confused about how he's sexualizing Fluttershy. I won't lie the name of the description is a little shocking but as I read it I could see this going two ways. A really dark way or an amazing way that can make us laugh, cry, and think. I have a clue about why they say that it's bad but seriously what Fluttershy is doing is totally normal. It's hilarious to see him so worried and clueless like many parents are when it comes to these things until it hits them in the face. The thing that is interesting is the miscommunication between everyone. Did something bad happen that caused this behavior and Ponyville knows about it, or is it normal part of a fillie's development and everyone just assumes our Hero knows this and they are judging him because of their sick fantasies. Or I'm completely wrong and this will be shameless clop between a foal and it's father figure. But I am loving it so far, funny interesting and new for me.

I will say this, since it seems to be a popular point of discussion. I do not intend for this story to turn into consensual clop between Anon and Fluttershy.

In fact, if anything ever happens between the two, it will never be described in massive detail. Anon is trying to be a good father and in my story he has values. He doesn't want to do anything of that nature with Fluttershy.

...o...k....Not gunna lie, I think I know where you are going with this...moreover, I'm fairly sure I know the logic behind the events you are setting up. On that note, I do want to clarify, you said this was Flutterrape....but then again, might you be inverting the expectation with the dear filly being the one who takes her dear Daddy? Just a thought...

Also...yeah, not gunna lie, but seeing Shy as you described is, strangely enough, not hard to picture. So well done on that point. And good luck to your Annon, I get the feeling he's gunna need it.

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this is a pretty good story! thank you for sharing it with us! i look forward to future chapters. until next time.... PEACEEEE!!!!

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4526018 I have a feeling you're unfamiliar with Flutterrape....
Don't worry, it'll be an adventure!
Just don't look too deeply into why it exists.

4526639 Well, you are right, never read any fics with that classification before...and as for looking too deeply...sir, I've been on this Internet for a long time. I've stared into the Abyss so long and often I'm tea-buddies with Slenderman and have a standing invitation into Pinhead's personal Parlor. Trust me, I've seen some things...yet somehow...I get the feeling what you're going to bring to the table may just raise my eyebrows, won't it?

4526713 ...and with that, I suddenly have a very bad feeling about all this. OFF TO SKYRIM!!! ...where things make sense...

Comment posted by soupr5 deleted Jun 10th, 2014

4526724 Well, once upon a time, 4chan.
And then Flutterrape came to be. Fluttershy now spends her days guessing Anon's fetish.

If you don't believe me look it up.
It's real, I swear!

Have not read it yet but I imagine Flutterfilly doing something like this:

4526745 ...been a LONG time since I tried 4chan...I shudder to think about what I'll find...that said, thanks for the overview.


I don't think there is a point. It's just something done for fun.

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Anon is one heck of a heavy sleeper ain't he :ajsmug:

alright, let's see what I'm up for!

Oh, if this story is just plain wrong, I'll give a downvote. Seeing as a lot of people hate it, then they cannot be bronies if they cannot accept all sides of the community. I want to make one thing clear with those people...

Freedom is a privilege, not a right.

Sure, here in America, you have freedom to do what you want. But one thing you should remember is that it was given to you for the men and women that died for the country. Freedom of Speech became a right when they were under the assumption one could accept another without causing problems.

A perfect example is how I feel about drug users in the community. I hate them with malice. So much so that I feel they should be purged; brutally. However, that doesn't mean I won't accept them as people. Sure, I don't like saying it because I hate that fact, but I must accept them as people, even if I think they're worthless and wastes of human life. They breath our air, eat our food, take up space, and drink our water. In exchange, they corrupt our world, corrupt our youth, pollute our world, and hate the government. And worst of all, they don't care about ponies for anything except colors.

But it still doesn't mean I can't call them people or accept them as a part of the world.

All I'm saying is that cloppers, the ones you hate for sexualizing ponies, are here to stay. If you can't accept it, then you obviously have no intention of watching the show for actual morals. And if that's the case, then I'd love to see what happens when you go up against someone like me, a clopper who keeps the show separate from the clop, unless blatant sexual references are apparent. I can tell you everything about the show in a sound analysis, and even produce complex theories and headcanons that would make your head puke excess knowledge!

But that's not the point. My real point is that we're here to stay, and only those who can accept that fact can call themselves true bronies. I'd honestly love to see what you would do if someone took away your right to express yourself. Would you take it, or would you stand up and say it wasn't right?

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