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"Grudges are like a good cheese. Hold them inside for too long and you'll be the one to suffer."- Sheogorath The Mad God.

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Two Year Anniversary? · 3:38am Aug 13th, 2015

So, I was actually busy writing (for once) and I wanted to take a look at the word count. Computer freaked out and I noticed the section that say's 'account created' and for me that's August 8th 2013. Now, that blows my mind that I've perused this site for just over two years now, give or take a few weeks. Now, most of that time was spent reading horse words rather than writing my own, but it still astounds me that I've been here to see all the changes that the site's had over the past two

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Things about me.

Profile: My name is Nicholas Sanders, I am a freshman in college studying to be a microchip designer and engineer, but also I write in my spare time, hoping to have at least on book I've written published.

Likes: Ponies (obviously), Cute things, Listening to music (Rock, Country and Dubstep), Exercising (Mainly running and jogging), and spending time with friends and family.

Dislikes: Trouble makers, idiotic people, and stereotypes

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