• Published 10th Jun 2014
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Adopting Fluttershy - Flutterpriest

Anon decides to adopt a filly and record his experience as a Dad in a journal to do something with his life in Equestria. Except, being a father is hard work and comes at a great personal sacrifice. This is his quest to become a good father.

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Days 1 - 9

Day 1 - Morning

I decided to begin keeping a journal now that I've decided to make something of my life here in Equestria. I figured the best thing to do would be to adopt some filly that's less fortunate than I. So, I went down to the orphanage and was introduced to all the little fillies and colts that were there. While I admit that there were more than a few I would have been willing to take home, none were as memorable as the yellow pegasus with long pink hair. Her shyness was probably the most adorable thing ever, Journal.

I told the owner of the orphanage that I needed a day to think about it and now my mind is made up. I'm going back there today and I'm adopting Fluttershy, that perfect little angel. A part of my heart warms from the thought that she might call me Daddy...

Anyway, no time to waste! I'll be back later journal to tell you about the adoption process!

Day 1 – Afternoon

Alright Journal, I'm back. Looking at the clock, I can't believe it took so long to get the process done.

It was probably cause I'm a human.

Damn ponies.

Anyway, I charged into that orphanage like nobody's business and demanded that I wasn't leaving without Fluttershy. Then I was informed I needed to get paperwork from city hall.

So I left and came back.

THEN I demanded I wasn't leaving without Fluttershy.

You should have seen her face Journal. Her little tears of joy... That wide smile. Absolutely amazing. I'll never forget it as long as I live. I picked her up, put her on my shoulder and we walked out of there.

The owner seemed really enthusiastic that I was taking her. It's touching to see that the orphanage gets so excited for a new adoption. It's like they really care.

Anyway, I brought her home to my little cottage outside of Ponyville. Her shyness still hasn't wore off, but I'm sure she will just need some time to get used to me. I am a six foot human anyway. I made her some lunch, and now she's down for a small nap.
Poor girl must be tuckered out from such a long, exciting day. I also can't help but feel that... maybe I've jumped in a bit too deep, Journal...

Maybe I should have waited for someone special in my life to help me take care of this filly.

Ugh. I can't think like this.

I'm going to be a good father! I won't mess this up. I'm going to do my best to learn more and more about her for the rest of the day. Apparently she's already set to go to school, so all I need to do is focus on raising her.

Instilling good values.

Answering the hard questions.

Teaching her how to be a good adult.

I'll talk to you more later, Journal.

I can do this.


Day 1 - Evening

I'm exhausted, Journal.

Not because she's a little ball of energy. Thank God for that.

I spent the afternoon helping her paint her room. She wanted the room to look just like outside and have little animals everywhere! Fluttershy loved every moment of it.

"I want little animals all over the walls of my first room!" She exclaimed.

I just did the best I could to smile and nod. When she says little things like 'her first room', I have to do everything I can to keep myself composed. It's little moments like that which make me realize I'm all she has.


I know I can be a good father.

Once we were done painting her room, I made her the best salad I could scramble up from my bachelor fridge. The weird thing was that I bought a huge carrot just for salads... And it just disappeared.

I don't remember eating it....

Eh. Oh well. She still liked it. That's what matters.

Reminder- Grocery store.

I talked to one of my neighbors while Fluttershy watched squirrels in the yard. She said she would be happy to teach her how to fly when she's ready. Which is a huge load off of my back. She also said something about a flight Academy in Cloudsdale. That could be good too. She could make more friends.

Anyway I suppose it's about time for me to hit the sack, but before I go, I want to tell you about when she went to bed. I tucked her into her bed, which she said was so soft and comfy. I read her a story about a little bunny that she really, really enjoyed. Then I gave her a big hug and told her sweet dreams. Without missing a beat, she said "I love you, Daddy."

I can't even describe what it felt like, Journal. So, I replied "I love you too, Shy."

She closed her eyes and quietly fell asleep. As I tip toed out and turned off the lights... I felt so warm... And happy. I have no doubts anymore, Journal.

I'm going to be the best Dad ever.

For my little Fluttershy.

Day 2 - Morning

I'm not sure who was more excited to wake up and spend our first big day together, me or her. It might have been her, considering I pretended to be asleep when I heard come into my room this morning to wake me up. She lept up on the bed, yelling "Daddy! Daddy! Wake up! The sun is out!" Naturally the only suitable punishment for waking up Dad that early would be a tickle attack.

Listening to her giggle just seems to add purpose to my life. It's hard to explain, Journal.

After making her a quick breakfast, she said she wanted to see the animals out by the forest in the back. Well, I knew it would come eventually.I had to warn her about the Everfree forest, and the dangerous creatures within. She smiled and listened to every word, and promised not to go there.

But she did have a question I didn't have an answer to.

"What if they are just misunderstood, Daddy?"

I'll confess that I dodged the question by reminding her to make her bed and wash her teeth. It's scary how smart little ones can be sometimes.

Today will be a packed day, Journal. We have to get some supplies for her before she goes to school to the young, new teacher Miss Cherilee. I also want to stop by the library for a few small reasons. First, to get some more nighttime books for her. Second, to see if there are any young fillies there that Fluttershy can make friends with. Finally... And guiltily. To find some sort of idiots guide to parenting.

I can do this, Journal.

If you believe in me, at least that will make three.

You, me and the little filly.

Day 2 - Afternoon

Maybe I shouldn't have done this, Journal. Maybe I'm not ready to be a father. Maybe I--

If you were real, this would be the part where you cut me off and ask me what happened.

Ugh. I'll do my best to explain it.

The grocery store went great. If anything, too well. Fluttershy's... Well, shyness, really shined today as we were out and about. If we were in a big crowd, she wanted to be on my shoulders so she wouldn't lose me. As cute as it was, I'm a six foot human in a town of four foot ponies. I'm a little hard to lose. It doesn't matter though. Once we began shopping, she didn't really say anything, just walked behind me and looked at items on the shelves. Finally, it clicked in my head, and I asked if she wanted the item she was looking at.

Her reply was a slow nod. After that, she wasn't as afraid to ask daddy if we could get something. I was shocked at how many different things she wanted. Oats, carrots, other vegetables. Not even a single piece of junk food.

Sometimes this parenting stuff is easy.

However, what plagued me all day today, was the way the ponies looked at me.

"What is he doing with that little filly?" Their judging eyes seemed to say.

They don't know me. I can be a good dad. I think...

Journal, do you think - -

Sorry, she woke up from her nap. I'll tell you more later, Journal.

Day 2 - Evening

Alright, I'm back.

I guess the cat is out of the bag about us now, Journal. She wanted to know why Daddy kept a diary. Don't worry, I defended your honor.

But, I will keep you hidden. I can't let my little girl see your contents. At least, not till she's older. Dad needs to be strong, confident, sure of himself and a solid rock.

Or at least appear to be.

Anyway, I've been thinking over it and I don't care what the other ponies think. I feel like I'm finally doing something good in this world.

I also realized I forgot to talk about the library. I was able to get the books I wanted and even found a few extra ones. What was unsuccessful, was introducing Shy to some of the other fillies there. She would quietly introduce herself, but other times just squeak. It was adorable, but I gotta work up this filly's confidence. Life is too short to be so shy that you can't make friends.

What I did find is I think she might have a natural affinity for animals. When I showed her some of the books I found, it was the animal ones that she was most interested in. She loves to be outside, in fact she was playing with birds after we got home. Normally birds aren't super friendly here... Even to pegasus ponies that have wings like them.

Not that they are mean, but they are skittish.

The birds landed RIGHT on her wing. I was shocked. They like her, and she likes them. It certainly gives me an idea, Journal.

Tomorrow while she's at school I'll have to see if I can execute the plan. I've also been reading the parenting guide I borrowed... and so far... Nothing eye opening.

Progress is progress though.

I can do this. As long as she's happy.

Day 3 - Morning

Morning, Journal.

It's funny, but I had the worst night's sleep. I heard Shy moaning in her sleep last night, just as I laid down. After a few minutes, I got worried and went to check on her.Right as I got to her door, she stopped. I'm guessing she must have had a bad dream or something

Yet, when I asked her how she slept this morning, she said she slept wonderfully and how much better her new bed is from the old one. I'll have to keep an eye on her sleep habits, to see if the nightmares are persistent. Otherwise, I asked her if she wanted me to walk her to school, but she said she knew the way. Most fillies her age are beginning walk to school on their own, so I'm not going to force it on her. Plus Ponyville is such a nice place.

It's not like you are worried something bad would happen. What could possibly go wrong?

Anyway, I'm off to work myself. The massage parlor isn't glamorous work, but at least I can put my hands to good use. Plus, I've been able to keep my integrity in tact. No 'happy endings' for any of the ponies. See ya later tonight, Journal.

I'm going to spend all day wondering if Fluttershy will like the special lunch I packed her.

Hi Daddy's diawy. My name is Fluttershy, but daddy calls me Shy for short. I like that name very much. My favorite color is pink, just like my hair and there is a squirrel in the front yard I named Mr. Nibbles. Today I went to school. It was a little scary, because I was called on in class to answer a question and everypony looked at me. I'm happy my answer was right. The best part was at lunch when I read Daddy's note! He's the best daddy in the whole world. I know reading Daddy's diary would be bad, so I'm just gunna draw him a picture instead. It's a flower! I love you Daddy! I hope you won't be mad I found your diary.

Day 3 - Evening

I have no idea how she found you, Journal, but in the bookcase clearly wasn't a good enough hiding place. At least it looks like no serious damage was done. I'll change your home to my desk for security.

I have to admit though, every few lines, I flip back a page to look at the drawing she made me. It warms my heart in ways I can't fully explain. I'm writing your entry a little later tonight so I can wait to see if Shy is having another nightmare. So far, so good.

I asked Shy's teacher what her performance has been like in school. Cherilee mentioned that she's a good student, she just never talks in class. At all for that matter.

In fact, she thought she was mute for the first few weeks.

She mentioned that she will volunteer her sometimes in class, to try and break her shy streak. I about gave that teacher a hug. Otherwise, it was an uneventful night. I read Shy a story about a squirrel tonight. She wanted him to be called Mr. Nibbles instead of Scurry, like the book said. After what she wrote, I could Hardily say--


There it is again.


Alright I'm back.

I tapped on her door and asked if she was having a bad dream. She sounded sleepy when she said yes. I asked if she wanted to sleep with Daddy, and she said she wanted to be a big girl. I couldn't really fight that, so I left her be, letting her know that she just hard to call if she needed anything. Everything seems to be quiet now though.

Another day of work tomorrow. Honestly, this parenting thing is a little fun... Kinda. I don't think I've ever did something this fulfilling in my entire life.

Night, Journal.

Day 4 - Morning

Another typical morning, but today I had to get miss lazy flank out of bed.

I can't believe how tired she was. I wonder if I fell asleep before she did and she had another nightmare. I'll have to stay up a little later to see what happens tonight. I can't keep that habit up too much though, it might make my work performance suffer. However, if I could look as adorable as she did waking up, maybe I could make it work to my advantage. Her tiny yawn and stretch, combined with her bedhead in her tiny pink bed.

Man, I really picked the best little filly possible.

Plus I know she is in good hands at school too. She just headed off a few minutes ago, an apple in her saddle bag so she wouldn't be late for school. Speaking of late, if I don't run now, I'll be late for work!

See ya, Journal.

Day 4 - Evening

Not much to say today journal. Shy was so tired when she got home, she could barely keep her eyes open. She fell asleep on my lap as I was reading the paper. Naturally, I carried her into her room and tucked her in. I also found that she likes to snack on carrots.

For some reason she hid it under her pillow.

I just had to smile and I put it back under her pillow. I'll have to remember to keep more around the house. Better carrots than junk food. Other than that, nothing has been on my mind.


Damn it, Journal. Why can't I lie to you?

I've been feeling off ever since work yesterday. It must have been when I was taking care of the newly engaged Miss Cake. She's nice, because she's one of the few that doesn't ask for 'extras'. Anyway, she got talking about how excited she was to try and have children soon.

So I mentioned how I adopted Shy.

All there was... Was a cold silence. Then she said two words. "Poor thing." I asked her what she meant, but she wouldn't elaborate.


There isn't anything wrong with being a single father? Is there journal? Does Shy need a mother figure?

I suppose that's why I slept so terribly last night. I can't stop asking myself that question. I just keep looking at the picture she made me... Looking for some form of answer.

If you find it before me, Journal, be sure to tell me.

I need all the help I can get.

Day 5 - Morning

Morning, Journal.

I feel a lot better today. I was so down in the dumps, maybe all I needed was a good night's sleep. Fluttershy seems to be a lot more awake today too! She seemed really excited about school today. Apparently, it's an art's and crafts project, but she wanted to keep it secret.

As dumb as it sounds, I'm excited for her to bring it home. Was my life really this boring before? It didn't seem so. Oh well.

Anyway, I told Shy do I might as well tell you too, Journal. I gotta work a little late tonight. Work has a new perspective client, and I'm the only one who can take care of her. However, it has to be right when I normally get off. I asked Fluttershy if she was okay being home alone for a bit, and she said she would just play with the squirrel in the front yard.

Works for me.

More later, Journal.

Day 5 - Evening


What have I done?

It was her teacher, Journal. They assigned me Shy's teacher, Cherilee.

When she walked into my workroom, I don't know who's face was redder, mine or hers. We were able to have some small talk and get to know each other a bit better, but the topic of Shy was brought up a lot. She became a teacher because of how much she loves kids. I asked her why she hadn't found Somepony special, and she just got all quiet. It was weird for her AND I asked a bad question.

I screwed it all up, Journal.


I gotta admit though, I did like our chat while it lasted. She didn't ask for anything 'special' ... But we both smelled the aroma in the room. It sure wasn't scented flowers. I know what she was hoping for.

I hate to imagine what I'm facing when I get in tomorrow. When I got home today, Shy was in her room, which was good. I needed to seriously cool down. When Shy came out, she looked like she had a great day.

I asked her about the arts and crafts project, and she said it wasn't done yet. Other than that, we read the paper together. She's been learning all sorts of words that way. Maybe soon, I'll have her read the good night story.

It never fails that she adds a little light to my day.

My little angel.

Well Journal, I better get some rest. Hopefully the bosses won't skin me alive.

Day 6 - Morning

Everything is going to be fine Anon. I'm keeping as positive as possible for Fluttershy.


I'm worried.

I was looking at the wanted ads last night. I just gotta breathe it through and take it like a man.

I just realized how she might treat Fluttershy differently now.


This is bad. What am I going to do? Shit.

Here goes nothing.

Day 6 - Evening

Where do I even begin.

The minute I got into work, I was called into the bosses office. I can't say I wasn't prepared for it... But I was nervous as hell. First, she wanted to know everything that I did. She didn't care about what I said to her... She cared about the techniques I did. So I did my best to explain what I do with my fingers... And she tried to replicate them with her magic. Close, but not perfect.

After that, she informed me that when Cherilee was done, she went straight to the front desk. I braced myself for the worst. She booked me for two months.

I sat there, dumb founded.

Since I'd technically be doing over time now, she gave me vacation days and a raise.

I think my jaw literally dropped.

After that, everything was amazing. I ran and picked up Fluttershy from school after I was done with work, who seemed surprised I was there. I said "Tonight, we are going out for a change." She seemed excited, and I caught a glimpse of Cherilee as I left. We both shared a smile and a wave. She seems really nice, that Cherilee.


Journal, I swear if you are thinking what you are thinking, you are crazy.

Anyway, Fluttershy and I went out to dinner and I have to say for a child, her manners are astonishing. She seemed squirmy though, as if there were some itch she needed to scratch. When we got home, which was a little late, she just wanted to go to her room and go to sleep. No story or anything.

I thought it was weird, but I tucked her in and next thing you know, out like a light. She's so cute when she sleeps. As tempted as I was to watch, I thought I'd leave her be. I decided I'd hit the sack early too. What an amazing day.

Day 7 - Morning

It's officially been one week since I adopted Shy, Journal. It feels like it was just yesterday... it's crazy how time flies.

I awoke from a terrible dream in the middle of the night. I dreamt that Shy was older and going out with a stallion! Heh. Thank goodness time doesn't fly that fast. I looked in my parenting book on when is the right time to teach about... Well, Stallions.

It looks like I got five more good years.

I'm telling ya Journal, I'm going to enjoy every second of this innocent filly that I can. Anyway, it's the weekend today! Thank God. I'm trying to knock out this entry early, before-

There she is, just peeking through my door. She didn't want to disturb me. So adorable. I'll make an entry later this afternoon.

See ya, Journal.

Day 7 - Afternoon

This morning was nice. I made pancakes for Shy and I. She was so excited.

She mentioned she only got Pancakes on her birthday back at the orphanage, and she would usually feed them to the birds. So, naturally, we got a loaf of bread and went for a walk. However, I think I know what this fillies cutie mark is supposed to be for now.

I noticed that as we were walking, Fluttershy not only was able to name the breed of every bird, but a name that she gave them. Normally kids name things and then forget it a few days later. But she called some of the birds, by name, and they landed on her wing.

Okay, fine. Cool.

Then she talked to them.

And they chirped back.

And she understood them.


Normally, I would probably freak out that my child has some form of super power, but I know ponies well enough by now to only freak out a little bit. I can nudge what her talent might be, but she has to realize it on her own to get her mark. This filly also asked me the craziest question today. She asked me-

Oh, she's up from her nap. I wrote downstairs so I wouldn't disturb her and keep things quiet. I can't believe how important naps are to this filly. Time for the afternoon!

See ya, Journal.

Day 7 - Evening

This little mare is way smarter than she let's on. Or, at least, she has some way of asking questions that eats at my mind. It all started when she asked why I didn't have a special somepony. I... Didn't have an answer really. So I told her I haven't found anyone special yet.

She thought about that for a while and didn't bring it back up until after lunch. We were playing in the yard... When she said that she liked Cherilee. I said that it was good that she liked her teacher. Then she asked if I liked her.

I could have simply answered yes, or teased her... But something in my chest swelled up... And I wasn't sure what to say.
I said I liked her, and that she seemed really nice. Then, she said I should ask her to be my special Somepony.

I laughed and played it off... But the idea has been stuck in the back of my head. I won't deny that Shy could use a mother figure in her life... But I don't need to be dating a mare in order to have that.


Plus it would make work so weird. However... For a pony... She is kind of cute.

Gah. Shut up, Journal.


Well there is no way I can make a decision tonight... Even if I'm finding myself unable to think about anything else. I might as well try to get some rest.

Day 7 - Night

I can't sleep. It feels like I've laid in bed for hours. I can't get the thought of Cherilee out of my head. I barely even know the mare.

But I mean... After that appointment....

What am I supposed to think? She probably just likes my hands. She hardily even knows me. I keep running through all the scenarios in my head, and there isn't a way I can pull this off without it being weird to Shy.

You know... There is one other thing too, Journal. I know you hate it when I keep you out of the loop, but my sleeping has been weird lately. I'll wake up in the middle of the night and something just feels weird. Ever since the adoption... I feel like something has been off. Maybe I'm just not used to---//

I think I jumped 10 feet in the air when Shy tapped on my door. She said she had a bad dream and wanted to sleep with Daddy. Can't keep her waiting. We'll continue this later.

Day 8 - Morning

Holding her in my arms last night gave me the answer I needed. The selfless answer is that if I do try, and it works, then we will have to be responsible adults about it.The selfish answer is ~- - - - - - - - - - - - ~

Another lie. Sorry, Journal. The real selfish answer is that I'm tired of feeling alone.

Plus... I'm so stressed about Shy. I don't want to mess this up. She's so young, amazing, and impressionable. I want her to do well and have a beautiful, bright future. So, I'm going to go on a limb and ask Cherilee on a date.


How the hell do I do that? Ugh. More things to think about.

Later, Journal.

P.S. Weird. I went to make the bed, and it looks like Shy might have wet the bed a little. No problem... Except it's not really yellow. Huh... I better check her bed too. I hope she isn't sick.

Day 8 - Afternoon

Holy. Shit.

Here sheets are weirdly discolored.... According to the guide... Definitely bed wetting. I gotta do this smart.

If I approach her about it, I don't want her to feel embarrassed... I put them in the wash, since I've just been doing chores and stuff today anyway. I'll just have to see how they come out after they air dry. She's been biting her lip and looking at them as she plays with her animal friends in the yard.

She definitely knows.

How do I do this?


I have an idea. I'm going to give it a shot.

If only getting an idea on how to ask out Cherilee were this easy.

Day 8 - Evening

There's nothing like a plan that works.

I think I also may have succeeded in being a cool dad.

So, I had Shy take down the sheets with me. The stains seemed pretty much gone, but I asked her if she knew where they came from and she nodded. I asked her if she was having a little trouble at night and she nodded guiltily. I told her that there was nothing wrong with it and that everyone has trouble when they are little. She seemed to be a little more relieved about it after I talked her through it. I also made a compromise with her.

If she works really hard to not let it happen in bed, then I'll let her adopt her own pet.

Her choice of animal too.

You should have seen her face, Journal. It was lit up like the morning sun. I've never seen a little filly that happy before. We made her bed together and I found her snack again. It looked like it was hardily touched and it started to smell a little weird. I told her she didn't have to hide a snack if she wanted one and threw it away.

Seriously. That thing reeked. I didn't know carrots could turn that bad.

Anyway, after that, things were good the rest of the night. Shy helped me make dinner, which was nice. I cut up the lettuce and she tossed the salad around in the big bowl.

We read the paper again. I can already tell her reading is getting better. I wonder if there is something else I can improve with her... I read the bunny story to her again tonight and that's when she said that bunnies are her favorite animal.

I simply smiled and asked 'What about butterflies?' She thought about it and was stumped. She couldn't decide! It was so cute.


Tomorrow I will see Cherilee after I pick up Shy. I don't know what to do...

Day 9 - Morning

Alright. Today I'll do it.

Today, I'll ask Cherilee out on a date.

Coffee. Nothing serious.

Deep breaths Anon.

It's only the first pony you ever asked out.

Focus on other things.

It seems like Fluttershy didn't wet the bed last night. She even showed me because she was so proud. She must really want that pet. Shy will probably want a bunny, guessing by our conversation last night.

I wonder if I should take Cherilee a flower...

Damn it. Maybe a day of hard work will get my mind off things. Keep your fingers crossed, Journal.

Or... Wait. Your pages.

Wait. That will make crease marks.

Nevermind, just wish me luck.

Day 9 - Evening

I couldn't bring myself to say it.

I thought through what I was going to say all day at work. Then, I get off, run to school to pick up Shy. Make direct eye contact with her. Then, boom.

My mind goes blank and I just manage to vomit out a "Hey!"

Her emerald eyes just grabbed a hold of me in a way I couldn't break free of.

Dammit Journal, What's my problem? Ugh. I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Why is this all so hard?

Shy has been acting a little squirmy today... I hope she isn't feeling awkward about this situation.

I'm too tired for this tonight. Taking two headache pills and hitting the sack. Night, Journal.

Author's Note:

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading the first part of Adopting Fluttershy. Hopefully you enjoyed it. This is a big experiment on my part, so please give me any feedback you have. Are the installments too short? What parts do you like? Let me know what you think!