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Everything was beautiful And nothing hurt


Part-time pony enthusiast with a penchant for punctuation. Meh.

Been a user on the site for a while and have read a crap-ton of stories. When I'm not making an attempt to write my own stories, I occasionally do edit/proofreader/pre-reader work for a couple people here. If you're looking for one of those three, feel free to PM me. If I like reading your story and am available, I'll usually jump on it quickly.

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Updates and Lullabies · 5:47am Aug 25th, 2014

Sooo.....You ever look at the Story section of your page and think, "Wow, I've got a lot of stuff written for this story. Why don't I publish it?"


I have about six stories, each ranging from about a 800 to 1000+ words just sitting there mocking me. Honestly? I'm tempted enough to just say screw it and run them each through moderation on the site and see what happens. Although, a temp ban would put a damper on Pony reading Time.

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Sleep Deprivation and Messing With Narrative Perspectives · 7:36am Dec 4th, 2013

It's about 230 in the morning and I've been hashing out something an idea I sent to RB a loooong time ago, when I still e-mailed him. I've sent the premise to a couple people so heres a copy-paste for those whom I forgot to add:

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Thanks for adding "Scarfaced Stallion" as favorite. :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you enjoyed my story A Hint of Key Lime. :twilightsmile:

Cheers for the favourite, good fellow.

1469085 Can do.

...and welcome to the Asylum.


A quaint mixture of sleep deprivation, quality story writing, and copious amounts of pony.

Really though? I've been reading Human and You for a good while (since 15-ish, if memory serves) and fav'ed Lunar Rebirth when the Prologue first came out. I just never got around to clicking that eye-con to follow. Keep up the hard work, dude. Hit me up sometime if you ever need an extra set of eyes on something.

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