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On the Aging and Development of Equus Sapiens · 9:21pm Oct 13th, 2016

On the Aging and Development of Equus Sapiens
or, "Why pony ages are nonsense"

Spoilers for "Where the Apple Lies"

With the airing of "Where the Apple Lies", and thus the revelation of more Apple family history, I have concluded that pony ages are pretty odd. I'm going to focus on cutie marks as a marker of development, since they have been implied to occur at similar ages in most ponies, roughly coincident with the beginning of adolescence.

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Um, yes? :rainbowhuh:
This is my DF forum profile. I'm not on Twitter, but I'm on Facebook, if you can find me. Anything else you need?

303113 I do, actually, but I try to keep up with it daily so it doesn't get out of hand. :derpytongue2:

Not at all. I'm interested to see where your story goes. Just as a curiosity, do you personally thank everyone who favourites you? That seems like it'd be a lot of work.

Thanks very much for the favorite. :yay:

Soul of a Pony was a very nice piece of work. :twilightsmile:

Do you have any idea what you're planning for your next fic? :pinkiesmile:

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