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So... Happy Birthday to me. And more disappointing news after the break. · 4:44pm Sep 7th, 2016

So, hey guys. Been a while. Sorry for my long absence, but because of real life keeping me busy, I couldn't do much writing. And because of that, my creativity has slowly began to halt. I tried to jump start it back, writing some pages for all my stories, but I couldn't really keep it up. Hopefully, that didn't mean I was going to up and abandon everything. I have some drafts for Iron Colt and Feathered Heart, as well as another expansion piece for Gentleman for Mares called "The Daily Lives of

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Hope you get back in the game some day.



Gentleman For Mares is still one of the best things on this site. You were loved.


Nothing in his blog suggests that (his laat one was a promise to do more) but we are in the late stages of the fandom, so it doesnt surprise me.

Wait, did he leave the fandom?

Farewell gentleman... you will be missed.

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