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So... Happy Birthday to me. And more disappointing news after the break. · 4:44pm Sep 7th, 2016

So, hey guys. Been a while. Sorry for my long absence, but because of real life keeping me busy, I couldn't do much writing. And because of that, my creativity has slowly began to halt. I tried to jump start it back, writing some pages for all my stories, but I couldn't really keep it up. Hopefully, that didn't mean I was going to up and abandon everything. I have some drafts for Iron Colt and Feathered Heart, as well as another expansion piece for Gentleman for Mares called "The Daily Lives of

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This guy was one of the greatest

I miss this guy. His stories were good.

One can always hope. But someone is continuing the story already and has improved a lot about it. Give it a read and you will not be dissapointed :twilightsmile:
The humor is absolute gold :rainbowkiss:

For what it's worth, the author has been active on Fanfiction.net much more recently than they were last on here, though it's been awhile there as well. They were writing a very good Harry Potter fic up through mid-2018, and some other stuff later that year, and it looks like they favorited something published in 2020, so I'm hopeful that they're doing alright and are still around, but have simply moved on from this fandom and maybe taking a break from fanfiction writing in general. It would be great to see them come back though.

Ouch... Thanks! This information is gold worth.

  • Viewing 489 - 493 of 493
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