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Prince Blueblood is known as the first legitimate Crown Prince of Equestria, in a country that is experiencing its latest cultural and technological change. While he is known to many one of the most eligible bachelor in Equestria, many do not know he's also an owner of an up and coming company developing advanced technology.

After an annual show, Prince Blueblood and companion Gear Match are shot down and kidnapped by a mysterious group wanting him to help them build an advanced weapon of destruction Equestria's public has never seen before. Facing the possibility of being disposed once useless and the threat to his Country, Blueblood plans to build an elaborate suit of armor to help him and his companion escape captivity.

Unbeknownst to him, he took his first step in a larger world he had not known existed.

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Oooohh this sounds good. Excellent choice portraying Blueblood as the snarky-but-badass protaganist, I've always wanted to see him developed that way in a fic. That is, if you plan on making him anything like Stark.

Your writing could use some work, do you have any proofreaders on this? If not, PM me, I would love to help you get the little things right - like Luna's Middle-English dialogue, little grammar issues, etc.

Yeah, either way I'm gonna track the living shit out of this.

You have my attention sir, let us see if I'll linger. Oh who am i kidding, i love a good cross over story, looking forward to more.

tracked. looks good so far.

Oh, this looks GOOD!

I'll be frank, I'm nervous about this story. I had thought I was the one who would be doing the first 'Prince Blueblood' is Iron Man (or Colt), but someone had already beat me to it. Took me a few days before debating to myself whether to just publish it and give it a try.

:twilightblush: I'm glad some of you find this to your liking.

You needn't worry; your story is quite interesting. I like how you begin with an outside angle, and I'm curious how you're going to characterise the protagonist. I myself never pictured him quite like Stark (who is, all things considered, a pretty fearless and -pardon me- badass fellow), but definitely prideful and somewhat hedonistic. And cowardly, at least a bit.

Also, I think this is the first MLP fanfic I've ever encountered wherein (assuming both parents are alive and well) it might've not been the father who screwed up his kids...

A little update:

Reasonandrhyme is currently doing the beta for the next chapter, and this one. No major changes, but there were enough to catch my attention when I re-read it. I'm also working on the next chapter after that.

:coolphoto: I'll try not to overindulge my imagination and plan way far ahead that I'll trip and fall flat on my face, break the ground, and fall off a cliff.

And its here.

Thanks to ReasonandRhyme for proof-reading it, but advised me that he'll be away on business. So I guess I'm back to looking for beta readers.

Enjoy guys.

Well done, sir, well done. Can't wait to see the pony version of project Jericho, should be interesting.


You might be slightly disappointed in a way. :derpytongue2:

796042 Oh goodness. Don't tell me it shoots... Chocolate sauce?

Okay but this is cool because when I get back I'll probably have a few chapters to enjoy myself, right? :pinkiehappy:

I have to admit I share gforce's excitement.

>> Reasonandrhyme

LOL. That would definitely be Pinkie's Version. Have the enemy give up via chocolate dump :pinkiecrazy:

Author's Notes:

Quality may have dipped a bit. Reasonandrhyme is busy with his work, good luck to him and his studies. So, yeah, no beta on this one. Anyone willing, I'd be happy to accept. :pinkiehappy:

Also wanted clarify. The last bit was just to establish the timeline. The Invincible Iron Colt is not going to meet with Discord. :rainbowwild: He'd get destroyed. :twilightsheepish:

Any comments, any critiques are welcomed. Later guys. :scootangel:

EDIT: Oh, anyone think I should add more tags, judging from how its going so far? Suggestions?

This story is brilliant. I haven't noticed a change in quality, so that's a good thing.

I love Blueblood redemption fics, and I urge you to keep writing.


While I'm glad you like the story, I want to point out that its not really much of a redemption fic for Blueblood. He's still a jerk, and only nice to Gear Match, but I think I'm going to explore that angle when he meets the Mane Six.

As for updates, my keyboard sucks. Spacebar and backspace won't respond unless I slam hard on the keys, and that just tires me out. :facehoof: I'm going to get that replaced and continue with the next chapter.


Sorry for the delay. Keyboard was busted, and The Dark Knight Rises was showing today. Watched it with utter joy.

Kind of funny. I'm more of a DC fan. I know a heck lot more DC storylines than Marvel. Follow the New 52 closesly. Heck, the first draft of this story actually started as a Batman ponified story. "The Dark Alicorn."

Heck, who knows. I may make that one too. :pinkiehappy:

Enjoy people.


Hmm, Dark Alicorn you say? Would be an interesting project to say the least. Anyway, good to see your work again sir, as always it was very entertaining.


I'm still a bit iffy about the chapter, but then again, its currently going on a slower pace. I'm guessing it'll stay that way until he builds his suit. :pinkiecrazy:

As for the Dark Alicorn, I will probably add an alternate universe tab if I do make a story. Granted, most of the FiM show centers around Ponyville, and not much criminal activity. Granted, the bigger cities may have more crime and corruption, but I think putting an AU tab would be safer.

Speaking of tabs, I put Crossover on the story. Apparently, fusion stories are still basically crossovers. I may add more once the story progresses, but does anyone think I should add more?

Hey guys, quick update:

Story - not dead. Yet. :rainbowderp:

Next chapter is still being proof-read, so once that is done its publish time.

Also, someone made an interesting Iron Man fusion story, using Twilight as Stark. Concept is interesting to say the least.

Heads up people. See you soon. :pinkiehappy:


Alright, chapter proof-read and done. Good news, Chapter 5 draft is complete, and reasonandrhyme is giving it a go. Guy's a machine, I tell you. :pinkiegasp:

Enjoy people. :twilightsmile:

Yes! Finally updated!:pinkiehappy:
Although it's following the same plot lines as the movie, this story really peaks my interest and I feel you're doing an excellent job. Keep it up.

Always kinda amusing when FiMfiction tells me that I've got an unread chapter, then I see it's this one. Trust me FiMfic, I've read it already. Many times. :ajsmug:

I'm going to go see if I can't get you a few more readers over on r/mylittlefanfic, I want to see more reactions when the next chapter drops :rainbowlaugh:


It's going to diverge after the escape. If anyone followed closely, Blueblood has only a few similarities with Stark, and the way their companies were built is almost contradicting. Stark Industries started as a heavy weapons manufacture, while Blueblood's Ponytech is actually more of a technological innovator in other areas. I still have a few bombs I want to put it, that not even ReasonandRhyme knows. :twilightblush:


:derpytongue2: Yes you have, yes you have.

And while I appreciate more readers. . . :rainbowhuh: you want to see more reactions eh? :pinkiecrazy: You like train-wrecks, don't you? :pinkiehappy:

1357170 Hopefully it will be no train wreck after the final revisions. I just want to see everyone going "Wha... Wait, what? What just happened?"

would be would be
(repeated - delete one repetition)

pony anatomy, vis a vis the neck vs torso, IS fairly odd, isn't it?
(cue bouncing-CMCs 40% of our body is neck picture)

secured itself to his pony
(to his body, I think you mean)

the pegasus has bits and
(the pegasus had bits)

explosives is because o

who worked under for construction as a demolition expert
(who worked in construction as a)

I'm really looking forward to the escape, and the fight to freedom. I feel this segment was much more drawn out than, say, in the Iron Man movie, but in doing so you accomplished some good things, like giving us a much more developed and relatable Gear Match.


Huh. I'll get on correcting those.

As for secured on his pony, I think I got too fancy with the wording. It was supposed to be secured on his person, but since we're talking about ponies... hmmm. Body works. It works. Reasonandrhyme, ya here? Whatcha think? :pinkiehappy:


:rainbowderp: :pinkiegasp:

I just realized Capn_Chryssalid just commented/read my story. Hey man, big fan!

Looks promising for having Bluebood as a Ironman-like alter ego (i'll give it a read soon). If that is the case then one would inspect that Fancy Pants to pick up War Machine mantle as well. And why call it "Iron Colt" would it be more accurate to have it "Iron Stallion", Since Colt=Boy as Stallion=Man?


:rainbowlaugh: Oh goodness. I hope no one was going to point that out until the ending chapter, where someone was definitely going to mention it. :derpytongue2:

*Small Update*

I have began to future-proof the timeline. This first started out as a one-time story, and expand it afterwards. Then I realized if I kept going as I did, I would have painted myself in a corner. So, I'm slowly correcting a few things I felt would be looked at in the future.

The prologue has been slightly modified. I corrected Luna's speech somewhat, hopefully it'll be less annoying to those that know olde English better than I do. I also added some 'subtle' indications on the going-ons of Equestria History which will be delved on after Iron Colt. :scootangel: Hopefully, no one will mind re-reading the Prologue chapter, and just to be clear to those that do mind, its basically the same chapter with just slight changes that won't really affect the current storyline. . . much at least.

See you guys.

Very well written story you have here. I like your take on Blueblood's character.

give us an update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finished the 2nd chapter, honestly this is going well. I like the direction, going to fave an' give a thumbs up. Not alot of Prince Bluebloods out there, and I'm loving the fact you givin' love to the guy.

Honestly I think he's like my favorite background pony, there's so much to work with if you write him for a story


Yeah. He's my favorite jerk too. XD


Two chapters awaiting proof-reading. Its coming, don't worry.

It's awesome.
Love Tony Stark.
Love Iron Man.
Love this.
Great job.

I suspected something like this would happen.

By which I mean Silver Star's rape attempt. (Feels a little weird to write that, seeing as how she shares a name with a canon pony. On the other hand, that's going to make for an interesting moment should Blueblood ever come to Appleoosa and be told "Silver Star's already waitin' for ya!". /shudder)

As strange as it may sound, I wonder what went through her mind. As far as we can tell, she'd planned to isolate him for this purpose from the beginning, when she told the guard mare to stand down. And when Blueblood began their usual potshots and banter... that must've felt like the height of delicious irony to her.

The changeling caught me by complete surprise. All thing considered though, this might explain Blueblood's absence at the Royal Wedding - he was occupied (i.e. kidnapped). Not only do they need to make haste now since the prince didn't fall for the trap laid out, he also couldn't plant the bomb.

Time has run out.


:rainbowderp: Silver Star shares a name with a canon pony? Damn.

Not only do they need to make haste now since the prince didn't fall for the trap laid out, he also couldn't plant the bomb.

He actually did. I was aiming for a subtle plant, but reading now, it seems to vague. I'll get to correcting that. And, dude... first post. You get a Mac. xD :eeyup:

Yay, a Mac!

The other pony is Appleloosa's sheriff, Silverstar. He's written in one word though, so maybe it doesn't count anyway...

Things are straying a bit off Tony Stark's beaten path, here. Changeling, too - it comes less as a surprise given the initial description earlier, but still as unexpected within the timeframe and setting of the story. Part of a larger scene perhaps. The chapter is months old, though? Another surprise, though I'm heartened to see the update there, regardless of when and how.


Yeah, I want to at least keep this one alive. It is my first story in FiMFic, and I pretty much laid a plan out for it. :rainbowlaugh: Hopefully I'll still be able build the verse around it.

Just had a thought.

Given the premise of what constitutes a 'progressive' Equestrian society presented in this story... that would make Sweet Apple Acres old-fashioned at best, right? Perhaps even chauvinistic? At least from an outsider perspective.

After all, Applejack is the younger sibling, yet it's always 'her' farm. The one she even abandoned once; though that was in a fit of youthful fancy, and might've been only temporary from the get-go. Still, who stayed behind to watch over the farm? Her brother. Her older brother.

The one who's out on the fields all day. Pulling the plow.

It's not that difficult to imagine some young social historian coming to Sweet Apple Acres, demanding (or trying to find out surrepticiously), whether they plan on putting Big Macintosh in the Shed once they've found a nice girl for him...


I'd say old fashioned, though I have planned Blueblood and AJ meeting... and this topic gets broached. xD

Hell. Fucking. Yes. :yay:

loved it such an amazing chapter

What I am surprised at is that Gear Match is STILL ALIVE at this point. Yinsen usally dies around this point...

Mind I`d rather Gear Match stay alive, but still...

2257742 2258468

Heh, thanks guys.

2257733 2258363

:twilightblush: And to think, it took a few months before it was finally released.


I'm already deviating from the movie. :twilightsmile: Next chapter... some may hate me.

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