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Oh Fortis, where are you?

Before there was the Gryphon Kingdom, there were the Griffin Tribes.

Before there was unity, there was strife.

Before peace, there was war.

Blessed Arnau is the Last Lady of the North, facing an enormous task. The griffins face a seemingly unstoppable enemy tideā€”The Cloven of the Sun. Marching endlessly northwards, they hunt for the remnants of the griffin Tribes making their last stand in the stronghold of Falhstein, a stronghold that has not tasted war in decades.

With promise of support from Fortis, a mere commoner of surprisingly sharp mind and will, she is tasked to lead a defense that will mean the survival or end of her race.

This is her story.

This is my first official World Building Alliance prompt entry for May 2013. Word Count: 5,480

Scored 4.42/5. Second Place for May 2013 Prompt.

The story takes place in the The Gentlemanverse, predating the a time before Equestria opens a portal to Earth. It is an exploration of Gryphon Kingdom history before the events of Feathered Heart.

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When Equestria accidentally opened a portal to another world, they discovered a new species: humans. Their arrival changed the world. For the Equestrian Ponies, it heralded a great cultural and technological jump needed from their stagnating way of life. For the Gryphons, however, they represented something baser: an opportunity to increase food stock and finally have a 'friendlier' predator species to ally themselves with.

For Gilda, one of the the humans was Ancestor-sent, a soul she would protect for bringing much joy to her life. And when a chain of events force her to accompany her human to Equestria, she recalls the circumstances of their meeting, the trials they pass through, the friendship forged through fire, and love born out of understanding under the harsh skies of the Kingdom.

This is her story.

"You are mine!"

~ Grizelda Behertz

Story set in The Gentlemanverse.

The Equestrian Critics Society gave this story the initial score of 8.5/10. (Full Review)

A one-shot story of the history of the Gryphon Kingdom can be found here.

OtterMatt's WRITE Review. Score: :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile:

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Prince Blueblood is known as the first legitimate Crown Prince of Equestria, in a country that is experiencing its latest cultural and technological change. While he is known to many one of the most eligible bachelor in Equestria, many do not know he's also an owner of an up and coming company developing advanced technology.

After an annual show, Prince Blueblood and companion Gear Match are shot down and kidnapped by a mysterious group wanting him to help them build an advanced weapon of destruction Equestria's public has never seen before. Facing the possibility of being disposed once useless and the threat to his Country, Blueblood plans to build an elaborate suit of armor to help him and his companion escape captivity.

Unbeknownst to him, he took his first step in a larger world he had not known existed.

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