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  • TFeathered Heart
    The exploration of the Gryphon Kingdom and the love between a human and a griffin. While securing trade routes, Gilda reminisces how the humans arrive, the trials they face together, and the one who stole her heart. Set in the Gentlemanverse.
    Demon Eyes Laharl · 139k words  ·  1,613  52 · 20k views
  • TThe Last Stand of Arnau
    This is the story of the last stand of Lady Arnau against the enemy that devastated the Griffin Tribes. Outnumbered and trapped, this story chronicles the last days of the Tribes and the new beginning of the Gryphon Kingdom. Set in the Gentlemanverse
    Demon Eyes Laharl · 5.6k words  ·  119  3 · 2.3k views
  • TIron Colt
    MLP: FiM fusion with Iron Man. When Prince Blueblood is kidnapped, he stumbles on a conspiracy that threatens to topple down Equestria. He builds an advanced suit to escape and takes his first step in a larger world he had not known existed.
    Demon Eyes Laharl · 41k words  ·  101  14 · 2.8k views