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Sonson-sensei here, how's it hanging my precious students. Not much I can say about myself in such a short blurb but I'm a writer and artist that happens to like ponies. Rarity is best pony.

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All of my followers are entered into a drawing to win a free OC commission by me. I pick a new winner every 25 followers.

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Psst · 7:04pm Jan 20th, 2014

So the way I planned on picking a winner for my follower competition was to use random number generator. Your number would be based on when you followed. For example Darkman_224 was my first follower so his number is 1. However it seems like everyone I pick through random number generator for my follower comp never respond. So I figure I'll do it like this, if you want the OC drawing prize, just respond to this blog, in the comments. First person to speak up get's it. I'd like to also get an

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A Zoologist Dream

New story in the works: Harmony

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It's a shame you've (maybe?) given up on fanfiction, or ponies at least. I was really looking forward to seeing how Chris and Keon made their way back home.

I was especially looking forward to Keon's reaction to Infinity War...

welp he hasn't logged in since june so I'm calling this page dead

Quick question: Are you redoing A Zoologist's Dream or something? I'm getting updates on my Tracking Bookshelf saying there are 7 unread chapters, but the thing is, all the chapters are marked as read on my end. :applejackconfused:

Reading A Zoologist's Dream, you should add the "Sex" tag for the sexual humor and references (it's still applicable even without clop), as well as the "Drama" since there are a few of that here as well.

Other than that, feel free to carry on. :twilightsmile:


I hope not. I kept it in the Read it Later section and I was just about to start reading it. Been reading stories sorted by words and at the lowest count.

  • Viewing 91 - 95 of 95
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